Shades of Watergate, now we’re going to get some tapes to listen to, on top of everything. Lev Parnas has responded to a document production with audio and video tapes. If the Michael Cohen tapes were any indication, this could get very interesting, very fast. ABC News:

An attorney for Parnas, Joseph A. Bondy….directing ABC News to a statement released earlier in the day Sunday reading in part, “Mr. Parnas has vociferously and publicly asserted his wish to comply with his previously issued subpoena and to provide the House Intelligence Committee with truthful and important information that is in furtherance of justice, not to obstruct it.”

The statement goes on to say, “His evidence and potential testimony is non-partisan, and not intended to be part of a battle between the left and the right, but rather an aid in the determination by our government of what is in the best interests of our nation.”

Sources tell ABC News the tapes were provided as part of that congressional subpoena issued to Parnas, and the former Giuliani ally also provided a number of documents both in English and Ukrainian to the committee in two separate productions, sources told ABC News.

However, some of the material sought by congressional investigators is already in possession of federal investigators within the Southern District of New York and thus held up from being turned over, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Parnas is reportedly miffed that Donald Trump has denied knowing him, brushing him off as “maybe they’re friends of Rudy’s. Ask Rudy.” Plenty of photographs and documentary evidence attest to the fact that Parnas and Trump have met on more than one occasion, over a long period of time. And it will be interesting indeed to see what the tapes reveal. Everything in Trumpworld is coming to a head at once, that the giant, pustulant boil that it is.

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Trump is just a little slow at learning loyalty cuts both ways, isn’t he.

p j evans

Just as true if you leave off the last six words.


I swear, you could not make this shit up ! It’s like watching a Murder Mystery !

Cheryl Lawrence

Except it is our country that is being stalked by a group of Russia’s assassins and we find out one at a time who we can or can’t trust. There are a lot of sell-outs: politicians, clergy, oligarchs; some simply incompetent thinkers, some who have allegiance to the dark side. In many cases we still don’t know.