Control Of The Senate May Hinge On One Word


Hey! That’s way too much bacon!   Never said   By Anybody

Well, the public hearings are over, and thank God for small favors. I think I missed something like 3 hours total of the testimony. And while I’m as happy as a pig in slop, I can think of somebody even more pleased that it’s all over with. The GOP Senators.

That had to be embarrassing as hell for them. You can almost see every GOP Senator wince and shake their heads when morons like Nunes, Jordan, and Stefanic opened their mouths. It had to be like watching your kid come running screaming into the room when you’ve got friends over. You ask the kid what happened, and the kid cries that they fell down, because they were being chased by a monster! You’re pretty sure that they fell down, but mortified that they’re making shit up in a bid for attention from the adults in the room.

Idjits like Nunes, Stefanic et. al. can get away with that juvenile nonsense with Crowdstrike and Ukraine hackers because of the wonders of gerrymandering, although the results of the 2018 midterms, the 2019 off year elections, and the pace of GOP House retirements are showing that gerrymandering might not be the modern miracle at the 10 year mark that they were at the 2 year mark. But most Senators of both parties have come to realize that it’s kind of hard to gerrymander a whole state.

Some early rumblings from actual GOP Senators who are going to have to be the ones who actually put their names and reputations on this meshugass seem to be falling along the lines of the reasoning that GOP rep Will Hurd evoked in his final comments. Mainly, that Trump is a dumb ass, he’s always been a dumb ass, and he’ll always be a dumb ass. And although he might pretty much always act like a dumb ass, being a dumb ass isn’t an impeachable offense. They are falling back on the premise that whatever His Lowness did, it doesn’t rise to the level of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Look, we all know that the Democrats in the House Judiciary committee are going to write and approve multiple articles of impeachment. We also know that whatever they write up, the GOP Senate is going to pooh-pooh and tish-tosh them right into an acquittal vote. So, as long as the GOP is going to whitewash Trump no matter what the Democrats do, they may as well write a one word article of impeachment that can help sway the Senate next year.

And that word is bribery. The GOP Senate is already indicating that their defense of Emperor Numbus Nuttus is that while he’s a supreme dipshit, being a dipshit doesn’t rise to the level of an article of impeachment. But there are two crimes that are specifically named in the constitution as high crimes, and they’re treason, and bribery. If the GOP is going to deny that anything Trump does rises to a high crime or misdemeanor, may as well let the explain how something expressly named as a high crime in the constitution doesn’t rise to that level.

It’s not like there isn’t abundant evidence of the crime. You can actually argue it two ways, and there are factual predicates for both. You can claim that Trump dangled the military aid as a bribe to Zelensky to give him the bogus investigations into the Biden’s, or that Trump withheld the military aid to force Zelensky to bribe him with the investigations. Gordon Sondland said there was a bribe, Lt Colonel Vindman said there was a bribe, hell, even Mickey Mouse Mulvaney admitted there was an attempted bribe, and that was the way the Cornholeone Family did foreign policy, so get over it already.

No matter what the House charges Trump with, bribery is going to be by far and away the easiest one to prove and explain. Everybody knows what a bribe is. They can hammer that one home, put up a chart and follow the process, even have constitutional scholar Lawrence Tribe get up there and explain the legal parameters, and then show how everything Trump did follows that pattern. The GOP Senate is going to let Trumpenstein off of the hook regardless, but the Democrats can still convict him in the court of public opinion.

Because that’s something that every Democratic challenger can run on. At every rally they can describe Trump as the traffic cop that took $20 to not write the speeding ticket, and the GOP incumbent as the judge that let him prey on drivers like them. They can bring it up in their opening and closing statements of every debate, and pivot to it whenever possible. People watched these debates, so they shouldn’t be ignorant of the basics. Demographics are changing, the suburbs are getting larger, and Trump is driving them into the Democrats arms. If the softening of Trump support in rural districts in Louisiana and Kentucky is real, these Senators could be in real trouble.

And Trump knows it. He just tainted the jury pool by having eight of his weakest links to the White House for lunch to try to shore them up. Trump may be perfectly happy with revolving his strategy around his base, but Senators don’t have an electoral college to fall back on. If support for polling strengthens, especially in their home states, they are going to be in everybody’s cross hairs.

If the GOP is going to turn Trump loose regardless, then the Democrats may as well put in the easiest charge to prove, and the catchiest one to talk about, and increase their chances of flipping some Senate seats out of the exercise. My personal gut feeling? If the pressure starts to build, especially in key states, the GOP will still acquit Trump of all charges, but McConnell will give his most vulnerable Senators some cover by allowing them to vote on a motion of censure against Trump. Trump will go ballistic of course, but McConnell has more pressing problems that His Lowness’ delicate fee-fees to worry about. Don’t touch that dial.

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Is it just me, Murf, or does the House no longer have any real leadership since Paul Ryan’s departure? That may account for the batshit insane antics of the last month.

I think you meant to write “do the House Republicans no longer have any real leadership” since there is most certainly “leadership” in the House. That “leadership” comes in the form of Nancy Pelosi. (As long as the Speaker is a member of the dominant party in the House–which, don’t forget is NOT a requirement of the Speaker’s position–then the Speaker will be that party’s de facto leader in the House. In cases where the Party is not also in control of the White House, the Speaker also becomes the Party’s de facto leader overall–even outranking his or her Senate… Read more »

Got ahead of myself on the writing, Joseph…thanks for filling in the blanks!


And of course we can still carry on impeaching him for everything else-and everything else that is going to turn up.