“Power To the People!” Trump’s Stonewall Cracks.


A day or so ago I wrote about what happens now that the public hearings are over. Short form, the House impeaches, the Senate acquits, Trump screams Exoneration! at the top of his lungs, and the Democrats work like hell to exonerate his ass right into a New York state orange jumpsuit.

Several people in the media have asked the question, “Why stop the investigation?” There are witnesses left to try to get to, and documents they need to see. Impeachment or not, these hearings are capturing attention, why not keep raking Trump over the coals? I myself had once proposed this, rather than file actual articles of impeachment, just keep tarring Trump with hearings up until next November?

We may end up seeing exactly that. Because at 10:40 eastern time last night, the State Department dumped the first tranche of more than 100 documents in response to a Freedom Of Information Act lawsuit by a government watchdog group. The documents were related to the firing of Ambassador Maria Yovanovitch, and they’re liquid gold. Some of the first documents prove that as far back as March of 2019, Rudy Giuliani was dealing directly with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the character assassination of Yovanovitch. And when The Ghoul Man couldn’t get a hold of Pompeo, he used Trump’s personal assistant as a conduit for information flow. You now have a concrete paper trail that puts the Oval Office in the scheme to rake Yovanovitch over the coals to clear the field for their extortion attempt against Zelensky. And that’s just the first batch, there’s more to come in the weeks ahead.

Why were these documents requested in the first place? Because Adam Schiff needed them, and couldn’t get them. Preparing for the hearings, Schiff requested these exact same documents from the State Department, which told him to go fuck himself. The next day, the watchdog group showed up and filed a FOIA request for the same documents. When the State Department told them to go fuck themselves, they said “See ya in court,” and filed a FOIA lawsuit. The judge asked State why these documents were being withheld, and State apparently said “Because we fucking said so!” To which the judge said “You have 30 days to release the shit, because I fucking said so!” And the documents were produced.

It’s absolutely insane when you think about it. A bunch of private citizens with a sharp lawyer are able to get their hands on documents that a congressional chair with a duly authorized subpoena can’t touch, but welcome to life in Trumpmenistan. But here’s the cherry on top. In talking to Ali Velshi last night about the documents, the leader of the group said something that immediately caught both my, as well as Jennifer Rubin’s attention. He said that this is only the first of dozens of FOIA requests and lawsuits that are already in the system!

Apparently, what is happening is that this group is monitoring House committee requests for documents, and the results. And every damn time the White House, a cabinet official, or a department denies those requests, this group is heading over to file FOIA requests for the identical information. And when their request is refused, they’re going to court. And the judges are going to give them the access they requested to documents that we actually paid for in the first place.

As the leader of the group said last night, this is the crack in Trump’s stone wall. While he can use politics and the courts to endlessly fight congressional subpoenas, the law is much more clear cut and concise in public requests for documents and information. Barring national security or executive privilege claims, these judges are going to release this information, and even Trump hasn’t yet defied a written court order.

This is the beautiful part. Whether these documents change any minds, or have any effect on Trump’s impeachment is irrelevant. Even if Trump is acquitted in the Senate, these court cases are going to continue, and documents are going to be released. Many of them will have nothing to do with the Trump-Ukraine scandal, but most of them will show corner cutting, shady dealing, and even possibly illegal activity, simply because that’s how His Lowness operates. And every time documents like these are released, the Democrats can throw their hands up in horror, and call for an oversight public hearing to investigate the latest sins.

The Democrats have just been gifted with the wormhole in the universe. All they have to do is to keep requesting legitimate documents, who cares on what. Every time they’re stonewalled, this group will file a FOIA request, and then a lawsuit. Those suits will be heard much quicker than a subpoena fight lawsuit, and once the decision is rendered, the documents will have to be released. And congressional hearings will follow.

Impeachment or not, the battlefield for 2020 is shifting. As long as the Democrats keep requesting documents, this group will keep getting them released, and posting them online. There will be a constant or near constant stream of investigations and hearings, and the GOP incumbents are going to get dizzy trying to keep their bullshit excuses straight for this cornucopia of corruption. And while none of this may faze the lap droolers and mouth breathers that Trump leads around with a nose ring, how many scandals, with Trump administration documents for back up can most voters endure before finally reaching the conclusion that Trump is just a third rate hood? We’re about to find out.

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Who needs Russian hackers and WikiLeaks when it’s so much more fun to file an FOIA request? And might I also point out, it’s legal? Thank you, Murfster.


This is the most encouraging article I’ve read in a long time. Thank you. That makes watching 30 minutes of cat videos unnecessary this morning.

yaya nana

This is some much needed good news when mostly it seems that the entire political structure of America has been so compromised that we may not recover. Thanks for this bit of sunlight, Murfster.