Republicans Are Unmoved by the Evidence, So Keep Inquiry Going Until They Are Moved


With respect to how the impeachment inquiry has been run, and the evidence gleaned, it could not be going more solidly for the Democrats. Each witness – with one exception, Morrison, party man – has overdelivered on what we had hoped to hear. Indeed, not only did each witness affirm the facts we needed to hear, each witness affirmed what we needed to see and hear as “Americans.” They let us see that good people still work in this country, indeed, some of the best people. This is still a place with good people.

Republicans, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be utterly immune to the very best evidence as to the very best impeachment case that could ever be made. They have made a group decision, that if they simply deny reality, and hold tight, no one wavering, they will make it through all this. They believe they can point at the sky, say; “it’s a brilliant color pink today!” and at least 40% of the nation will agree; “Why yes, it is a fantastic shade of pink!”

Bear witness:

See, Ukraine did meddle in the 2016 elections, because Kevin McCarthy “believes” they did, and thus it is so.

But it goes much deeper. We no longer run our own country so long as Trump sits in the Oval Office.

So long as Trump remains president – and it appears that the Republicans will leave him there, the nation is run according to Trump’s personal needs and biases. Ahem, Russia.

It doesn’t just end there. If Republicans are willing to suspend their belief as to Ukraine, what gives us any faith that they’ll object when Donald Trump suspends the elections, or the vote-counting upon finding a “national emergency,” to oversee?

Republicans are ignoring witnesses like Gordon Sondland stating “It was a quid pro quo, and everyone was in on it.” Are they are going to oppose Trump when he determines that there are 10 million “illegal voters” that “some say voted in the election?” Republicans are going to stand up and oppose him?

No, they are not.

We have heard the possibility that up to thirty senators might vote to convict if the vote were to be anonymous. I am losing hope that such an action will happen. I am losing hope about a lot of things.

Right now, the Republican party has refused to take the matter seriously enough to even ask real questions, saving precious Republican time to ask about Hunter Biden. I have yet to hear a real question asked of the witnesses by Republicans.

It gets down to this:

And yet the Republican party continues to act as though there is nothing to see, nothing except the fact that Hunter Biden got paid a lot of money to sit on a corporate board.

One thing that I have not seen is any public polling on whether the public has “moved” since the impeachment hearings have begun. I am near afraid to see the results. If it was anything but 50-50, I would be shocked.

As I wrote this morning, there is no point whatsoever in doing some quick and clean impeachment proceeding at this point. Two months ago, Lindsey Graham said he would find it “highly disturbing” if it is proven that Trump engaged in a quid pro quo. Today Lindsey Graham subpoenaed records on Hunter Biden. There is no point in sending this matter over to the Senate for a quick acquittal. Indeed, there is REAL danger in sending the matter to the Senate for a quick acquittal. Trump will be emboldened, feel that much more bulletproof. What is terrifying me now is not so much that Trump might get away with “this,” it is what he will do once he does get away with this.

Trump hasn’t even scratched the surface of what he’s capable of IF he believes he can get away with it. IF the Democrats pass this over and he is acquitted, Katie bar that fcking door, because Trump will be like Django unchained.

So, don’t pass it over.

Keep it in the House, keep it in front of Schiff. Get Rudy and Bolton in front of the committee, keep getting more and more evidence, keep forcing Republicans to deny reality.

But do not let them vote to acquit. Keep the acquittal just beyond Trump’s reach. It is the one thing that Republicans do not control.

Given that the Republicans do not care, given that they have heard it all and continue to talk about the pink sky, give them more to deny, more facts to ignore, more disastrous stuff to spin, and do not hand then one once of control.

Keep it in the House, and keep going. Uncover it all. Giuliani, Fruman, Parnas, taxes, Bolton, All. Of. It., get every bit of it on the record.

And don’t let him go.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MIciakZoom

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Ursula Faw

Chris Cillizza had a poll on impeachment the other day and it said that the needle didn’t move. Basically the people who think Trump should go, think he should go even faster and the others are intractable.


This is where it was always going to end up, I was/am very worried about this. I think you are correct, the only choice is to drag it out as long as we can. And people were so angry at Speaker Pelosi for being cautious.


You are absolutely right. If we quit after two weeks, our republic is lost.


From what I watched and heard – it’s over. It’s done. Fiona Hill’s clarion call did nothing to the GOP. Absolutely nothing. There is a much stronger power behind them, controlling them, whether with kompromat or $$.