Oh, what a desperate web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Old Aphorism

Donald Trump was an hour late getting out the White House door today. He wouldn’t take questions from the press, but did bestow the first line of this statement, that was later issued by Stephanie Grisham. PoliticusUSA:

President Donald J. Trump said, “I want nothing. I want no Quid Pro Quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.” Ambassador Gordon Sondland testified to this in his deposition and repeatedly affirmed it today. That should be the only takeaway from today’s sham hearing, and it was stated under oath by the only person in these hearings who has ever spoken directly to President Trump. Though much of today’s testimony by Ambassador Sondland was related to his presumptions and beliefs, rather than hard facts, he testified to the fact that President Trump never told him that a White House meeting or the aid to Ukraine was tied to receiving a public statement from President Zelensky.

Over the course of the Democrats’ desperate impeachment inquiry, we have heard a great deal of hearsay, conjecture, and outright speculation about whether the President withheld military aid to the Ukraine based on a quid pro quo. The Democrats certainly tried – and have again failed – to make their case by using unreliable and indirect evidence. This country deserves better.

Trump did not condition any part of the United States-Ukraine relationship on a quid pro quo. President Trump himself released the transcript of that phone call months ago in order to end the wild speculation. In addition, President Zelensky has repeatedly stated that President Trump did not pressure him in any manner.

The facts will clearly not change the Democrats’ attempts to harass this President and spread dangerous conspiracy theories throughout the halls of Congress and all over this country. Nor will the Democrats do anything to benefit the American people by passing the USMCA, reducing drug prices, creating jobs and securing the border. In the meantime, President Trump will continue to focus on those priorities. It is sad that Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Schiff, and the rest of the House Democrats continue to focus on their impeachment farce instead of working on behalf of the American people – the people they purport to represent.

Meanwhile, Devin Nunes is accusing the Democrats of “pounding the table and gaslighting the country,” as he compares the impeachment inquiry to the Spanish Inquisition. “inquisition victims had more rights than Democrats are giving the president.”

Maybe the quote that Grisham should have concentrated on in her statement was Sondland quoting Trump, “talk to Rudy.” It will be interesting to see how the Republicans deconstruct Sondland’s testimony to where it does not appear that he was ordered by Trump to work with Giuliani on Ukraine, because right now, that’s the plain fact that came out today — one of many, in point of fact, and none of them exculpating Trump. Or Pence, or Pompeo, or Giuliani. It’s sure getting crowded under that proverbial bus right now.

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Lil Blue Sock

President Pelosi does have sort of a ring to it……doesn’t it???


Oh no, are they sad? Angry? Bewildered at the turn of events? Oh well, too bad.

Lil Blue Sock



You know I love the, *smirk* 😁

Um, Ursula? About that opening: Oh, what a desperate web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Old Aphorism For starters, I have NEVER heard it as “desperate,” only as “tangled.” Secondly, in the “tangled” form, it’s not an anonymous aphorism–it’s a line from Sir Walter Scott’s poem, “Marmion,” specifically, Canto Six, Stanza 17. It’s one of the most famous lines that Scott ever wrote (and, it’s often wrongly attributed to Shakespeare which shows both the popularity and the genius of the line). The full stanza goes ‘In brief, my lord, we both descried (For then I stood by… Read more »