So Sondland is done testifying…somewhat equivocally; Bolton is still in the witness “non-detection” program; the  Dems have put together a pretty strong case, which may also incriminate Mulvaney, Pompeo, Perry and a few other top dogs… and it’s still not clear whether there are enough Senators who are going to vote to pull the plug. Lindsey and Mitch may be reading the tea leaves in Kentucky and Louisiana, but if the Dem’s are hoping for some spinal growth, I wouldn’t break out a tape measure just yet.

Meanwhile the hearings themselves , with the cringe-worthy performances of the likes of Nunes and Jordan, lying, distorting and smearing are just difficult to watch if your hoping for some semblance of logic or productive work in the pursuit of anything useful…say for example, the truth…which these hearings have clearly shown to be as follows. Donald is a full time, serial cheater. His M. O. in just this one Ukraine episode is,as always, marked by sneakiness, reckless disregard for the harm he causes… and just plain rottenness to his core… with a limitless bottom.

And these ignorant, tool-like clowns like Nunes and Jordan… aspiring to gain Donnie’s favor by doing his bidding… while insulting the integrity of dedicated public servants… are like hungry dogs who just won’t let go of the bone… sickening to behold.

And the rest of the GOPS, who are still calculating their “base appeal” and trying so hard to creatively kiss up are a constant surprise as to who can get as far down in the hole as Donald. There are so many candidates willing to jump in…but so far, the winner seems to be Billy Barr with Mike Pompeo, the valedictorian with the integrity deficit, a close second.

Barr’s arguments that the Democrats are attempting to “drown the executive branch with oversight demands,”…and saying that the Dems are working for political gain without thinking of the consequences… the scope of his intellectual dishonesty is breathtaking. Barr should be impeached on the basis of these remarks alone. By his logic, it is the Democrats who are shredding norms and undermining the rule of law. This is would be laughable, were it not coming from the U.S. Attorney General. Trump starts the fires…and Barr wants to blame the Dems for wanting to confiscate his matches. Trump is a daily crime wave, and Barr, his chief enabler, wants to blame the Dems for the daily tidal wave of corruption coming from his warped mind. And when patriotic, career, state department officials risk it all to reveal the truth, Mike  Pompeo’s cowardice in refusing to protect his people is as breathtaking as Barr’s hypocrisy.

And we have not even discussed Mike Pence and his silent, sanctimonious complicity. Quite frankly, all three of them need to be removed from office. Even more frankly, the rest of GOP elected or appointed officials whose behavior I would best describe as the “defense of the indefensible”, whether they exhibit high level intelligence like Nikki Haley or Mitch McConnell…or knuckle dragging brutishness, like Nunes, Jordan, Ron Johnson…and let’s not forget Rick Perry…they all need to go also.

Their hypocrisies, their blind eyes, their willingness to look the other way…It is all about a “Take the Money and Run” mentality. . And right now, Trump is the leader of this slimy Pack, and all of the Trump wannabees from the top of the heap like Barr and Pompeo…down to the grunts like Nunes and Jordan are just trying to make sure that they get re-elected (or re-appointed). Because being Senator  (or Secretary) “Let’s Make a Deal” or Congressman “I am for Sale” is their ticket to the “Big Bucks”. And as long as they see that singing Donald’s praises is their key to a seat at that big old taxpayer funded, feasting table, they will be singing “Doo Dah Donny” all day long.

 It’s a case of  “Forget my reputation, Forget any notions of Honor, Integrity, Duty and Country. Forget Posterity and Forget History.” Their  Cynical View of History is simple. Whatever stench of immorality that came with the accumulation of the great fortunes like Joe Kennedy or John D. Rockefeller gets sanitized and deodorized over the generations for their grandchildren and great grand-children, who end up smelling like roses …which allows them to live tranquil lives of respectability in their squeaky clean mansions and island retreats…all made possible by their “wonderful” great grandparents’ well-funded trust funds. If it was good enough for the Rockefellers, it is good enough for the Jordan’s and Nunes’, et al…that’s the name of the tune they dance to.

”Time” is the great sanitizer. And as long as these  GOP “hustlers” smell money, they are going to go for it and keep backing Donnie’s play…reputations or posterity be damned. The government, the country, the world, the environment are not…nor ever will be as important as the well-being (including the super well-being) of their families. Dedicated, Patriotic, Salaried Public Servants who don’t look to line their own pockets are considered to be foolish and naïve…suckers.

 And that’s the way it is!  Ask Rudi and his 2 new best friends. And the $500,000 fee Rudi “earned” from them.

And that is the way it will continue to be…until the sleeping bear finally wakes up!

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Nunes and Jordan, “sickening to behold” indeed.

Mary Ellen

It’s all about “MONEY” bottom line