This has not been a great day for the GOP or for Donald Trump and now here’s another rock on the pile. One of their key talking points, that Ukraine “got the aid, didn’t they?” has now been blown out of the water, because Ukraine officials knew that there was a hold up in getting the aid, contingent upon Ukraine agreeing to hold investigations that Trump wanted held. They knew there was a problem and they inquired and that’s not what the GOP has been saying all along. Axios:

Defense Department official Laura Cooper testified in an impeachment hearing Wednesday that members of her staff recently brought her two unclassified State Department emails revealing that the Ukrainian embassy had asked “what was going on” with U.S. military aid — which had by then been suspended — on July 25.

Why it matters: July 25 is the same day of President Trump’s infamous phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, though the emails from the State Department came after the morning call. Cooper’s testimony suggests the Ukrainians knew there was “some kind of issue” with the security assistance by July, and that they were aware the aid had been suspended by August.

  • The surprise revelation could potentially undermine a key Republican defense that Zelensky could not have felt pressure from Trump to carry out investigations into his political rivals because the Ukrainian president was not aware of the frozen aid.

The cat’s out of the bag now. And it’s not going to go back into the bag, it doesn’t look like. I wonder how Trump is going to spin this into a hoax on Twitter?

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Spoiler alert, Ursula: he won’t, not in any convincing way.


The hits just keep coming.