The Democrats Don’t Need Daniel Goldman


Sadly to say, the Democrats are wasting the peoples’ money. After all, why go to the trouble and expense of hiring the quite excellent Daniel Goldman as counsel to question the witnesses in these hearings, when the ranking member and their counsel are going to do his work for him? If the Republicans were criminal defense attorneys, they’d be the only ones standing before the judge and arguing for a longer sentence for their client.

I have written about this now repeatedly. And although it seems like neither side had the opportunity to question the witnesses in advance of their deposition testimony, it’s not like they didn’t have access afterwards to the transcripts of that testimony, to help them prepare for the open hearings. And yet, time and time again, the GOP keeps asking questions that they already know the answer to, and it’s damaging to them, but worse, they ask questions that they don’t already know the answer to, and the answers are killing them. In today’s hearing, here are just a few examples of hoe the GOP is cutting off their noses to spite their faces with Dr. Hill and Mr. Holmes;

  • They asked Holmes whether he considered the black ledger that was “leaked” by a former Ukrainian member of parliament as a journalist, as credible, clearly indicating that it was leaked to hurt Trump and Manafort politically, and Holmes replied that the ledger was credible. Not content to pick himself up and dust himself off, he asked why it was credible, and Holmes stated that the ledger must be credible since it was used in numerous prosecutions. Some dogs seem to love being kicked when they’re down, so he asked Holmes why the black ledger had been “leaked,” clearly hinting at an anti Trump political motive, and Holmes replied, “For the same reason he released everything, to fight corruption.”
  • They asked Hill why she had concerns about Colonel Vindman’s judgement, as testified to by Morrison previously, and she pushed back hard. She said that she was dismayed with Morrison’s testimony, which she felt was misleading. She heaped praise on Vindman’s performance and expertise, and said that her sole “concern” was on a single more personal issue. Wore yet, she lauded his judgement on July 9th, when he expressed alarm and concern over what he saw as domestic US political influence seeping into Trump’s dealings with Zelensky, with which she totally agreed.
  • They went into Dr. Hill’s somewhat rocky relationship with EU Ambassador Sondland, and let her once again state that when she asked him why he was tinkering with the Ukraine, he told her that Trump had personally put him in charge of Ukraine policy. Under further questioning, she related how when she called Sondland out on why he wasn’t coordinating with the NSC on his Ukraine dealings, she said that Sondland had told her that “he was already briefing the President, the Chief of Staff, and the Secretary of State about his dealings, who else did he need to brief?”
  • In trying to minimize Giuliani’s influence, and to delay his entry into the fray, they claimed a date after Dr. Hill had already left. After which she responded that both Sondland as well as Volker had told her that they had been dealing with Giuliani much earlier than that date.

I’m sure that there were other examples, but these are the ones that immediately stuck in my mind as doing the most damage to the GOP’s feeble attempt to defend Trump. But if people are indeed watching these proceedings, and ratings indicate that they are, if this were an actual legal proceeding, the GOP and their staff lawyer would be guilty of legal malpractice, were it not for a mob of sniveling GOP cowards in the Senate. What a way to run a railroad.

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p j evans

And then they claim that they haven’t been able to call any witnesses – when they’ve gotten at least three of the people they specifically wanted to testify.


Love it Murphy as always.. a few typos, but having fun sharing. ….
‘President’s FEN’ .. ah yes, had to reconfirm, FEN is a low marshy swamp!


SO MY TWEET .. Typically good and snarky @murfster35: Why hire #Goldman? #ReThugs are killing it w Stupidity … Luckily Senate already long bought. RIGHT? #Kentucky Oops CONGRATS #GovBeshear
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