Giuliani Is the Subject of THREE Investigations


Rudy Giuliani is “going to go through some things” if you know what I mean. It should come as no surprise. Indeed it would surprise me if Rudy were not under investigation, but it is still nice to read it in black and white. From The New York Intelligencer:

Aside from throwing off his prospective show, the timing isn’t great: The president’s lawyer is the subject of a criminal investigation and a counterintelligence investigation for his dealings in Ukraine. The U.S. attorney’s office in Manhattan and the Justice Department in D.C. are looking into his business dealings in the country, while the FBI is evaluating if his actions have been willingly or unwillingly influenced by a foreign government.

Rudy could easily spend the rest of his life in jail, as it has been Rudy who has played the point-man in Trump’s Eastern European schemes:

The new investigation will determine if Giuliani violated laws against bribing foreign officials. Former federal prosecutor Kenneth McCallion told Bloomberg that it’s possible Giuliani could face an extortion charge for his role in pressuring Ukraine into investigating Hunter Biden and a conspiracy theory about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election. McCallion added that a charge like that could implicate the president in a criminal activity, though he could not be charged while in office.

It is interesting watching the Republicans – at this point, Jim Jordan – act as if this has all been invented by some Democratic fevered dream, and yet what Rudy did around the globe clearly crossed the edges of legality, and we know he did it all at the direction of Donald Trump.

As the evidence comes crashing in, pinching Rudy and Trump further into a corner, expect Trump to display some of that loyalty for which Trump is so famous, and back Rudy to the end … pfft.

Further bad news: Though the president has retained Giuliani as his personal lawyer throughout the Ukraine scandal, GOP lawmakers are reportedly pressing Trump to ditch him in order to create some distance between himself and Giuliani’s efforts to push the quid pro quo in Ukraine. “Rudy will be cut loose because he was rogue,” one Republican told Axios.

Rudy absolutely was “rogue.” Not a doubt about it. But that doesn’t help Trump. Trump employed Rudy to do his bidding precisely because Trump required a “rogue operator,” someone willing to overlook laws in blind loyalty to power.

So, yes, Trump will dump Rudy, and accuse Rudy of “going rogue.” Trump will say that he “only met Rudy a few times,” “really didn’t know him at all,” “Rudy was mayor once,” all that. And it will not work. Everyone knows that Rudy and Trump are joined forever.

I expect Rudy to be arrested by the end of this next week.

We will see.


Peace, y’all

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I hope it gets much worse for all of them.

Cherl Harrell

In reply to “Rudy and Trump are joined forever” it couldn’t happen to better people. They really do deserve each other.

Alfred Higgins

Just a public service reminder: “We know that only dead fish go with the flow.” All others go rogue.


TY Jason.. check w Greg Olear he noted Rudy stories I hadn’t heard in his MYTH of AMERICAS MAYOR piece.
FOR ME AS MD there is always that he is lawyer for #Sackler FAMILY and responsible for 500,000 #OxyContin DRUG DEATHS.
But Greg notes he and Crook partner #KERIK are ones responsible for Americans not being able to buy cheaper drugs from #Canada … LIKE #Insulin! Again a travesty of MOB GREED. … but we’ll get em RIGHT? @FBI @Europol @Ibterpol?