Fiona Hill Set to BLAST Trump and Republicans as Serving Russia


This is not your grandfather’s impeachment hearing, there will be no revelation about a tape recorder in the Oval Office. That was then. Fiona Hill, however, is expected to blast the House Republicans as essentially functioning as Russian assets in this process, mirroring the man in the oval office, Trump, who may actually be a Russian asset.

According to reports on MSNBC right now, Fiona Hill is set to light-up the ridiculousness of the Republican defense. It won’t be a moment too soon. Something has to shake up this process. Sondland started it yesterday, but didn’t go far enough.

I can tell you, listening to drive time radio this morning in the Mississippi countryside, the conservatives are so programed that they don’t see any of this. They don’t discuss the facts, none. They are absolutely convinced that this is nothing more than the outgrowth of three years of Trump hatred, impeachment by inevitability. They believe that the American independent voter is “sick of this.” The typical red-red Trumper in a red-red state either doesn’t know the narrative, the “what happened,” or knows and has deprogrammed himself enough so as to not care.

Fiona Hill seems intent on busting up that comfy existence. Perhaps she has heard the same reports. She is coming for bear.

Good job, Dr. Hill, put it to them. More details? See below, how Trump refers to everyone who might dare to oppose him as “human scum,” and see what Fiona Hill intends to testify to, calling out these Russian-assets directly.

You have earned a reward, for following all this so closely, and I will take care of you. Know that all this is driving “himself” up the wall. It has hurt his brand, and hurt his “feelings.” He wants you to know that you don’t appreciate him enough. Enjoy the fact that Trump understands the importance of all this, despite his protestations.

Yes. “Name associated with an ugly word like impeachment,” relish that he knows that his name is forever linked with it, now.

He sure doesn’t want anyone thinking about the facts and circumstances surrounding the calls, does he?

More later today. Go get ’em Dr. Hill.


Peace, y’all

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Cherl Harrell

Like his name isn’t ugly enough already.


Don’t discount fellow traveler Holmes either. His own opening statement is blowing serious holes in Sondland’s testimony as we speak. Hill may be delivering the knockout blow after he sets the table.

I still wish that SOMEONE would ask Trump what the freakin’ high-holy hell he means when he describes that phone call (or the transcript) as “perfect.” According to the many definitions of “perfect” as an adjective (which is how the word is used by Trump), not one of them fits the way Trump’s using it. From Merriam-Webster, you’ve got 8 definitions for the adjective sense: 1–Flawless; accurate; conforming to an ideal standard or abstract concept; faithful reproduction; legally valid 2–Expert, proficient 3–Pure, total; complete; absolute, unequivocal; unmitigated; sane (obsolete use) 4–Relating to a verb form that expresses an action or… Read more »

She did not disappoint. Now the fact that Nunes took a small group with him to Europe and met with Parnas to get “facts” (more conspiracy theories) on our tax dollars, is telling. Plus his dismissiveness towards the Impeachment Inquiry itself is also telling. How deep is Nunes in Vlad’s pocket? Let’s start calling his / Gym Jordan and other’s patriotism into question. Let’s put the doubt in Independent minds.