Suddenly Pence Cannot Hide from Impeachment, He Knew Trump’s Entire Plan


Up until this weekend, Mike Pence has largely been able to steer clear of Trump’s troubles with respect to Ukraine. Pence’s name has not come up in the hearings, and thus Pence and his team had the ability to play dumb, claim to be left out of the loop, whatever Pence might have needed to avoid answering difficult questions. But now with the testimony of Jennifer Williams over the weekend, Pence can no longer avail himself of any of it.

Put simply, Pence knew it all. He knew it all all along, perhaps knowing more about Trump’s Ukraine conspiracy than most in the administration. Not only did Pence know it all, unlike Bolton, Pence did nothing to voice any protest, nothing that we’ve heard yet, anyway.

Jennifer Williams changed the dynamic, she is on Mike Pence’s staff as an advisor for European and Russian affairs, on loan from the State Department:

“She’s not some low-level staffer,” she continued. “She’s also not an eager witness. No one even realized she was on the call until someone else on the call named her to house investigators, that’s why she was called to testify in the first place.”

Former White House official Joe Lockhart jumped int to say Pence had to know what William had heard during the call.

So far, no Democrat has proposed drafting articles of impeachment to include Pence. To be fair, so far, there hasn’t been sufficient evidence to include Pence in any accusation. But if Pence knew of the scheme, and played a role in carrying it out – such as putting the screws to Ukraine in Warsaw – then Democrats would have ample evidence to impeach Pence in the matter, too.

“I think the other thing about Jennifer Williams, and it’s not getting as much attention, is she does place Vice President Pence in an awkward position,” Lockhart suggested. “He either has to argue he doesn’t read his briefing book, doesn’t listen to his staff, or I was in on this. It’s one or the other. So far he’s escaped scrutiny here, but he was briefed on his way to Warsaw by her and apparently, it was in his briefing book”

No one is going to believe that Pence doesn’t read his briefing books or otherwise ignore what all happened. He knew, and everyone knows it.

The Democrats may be justified in impeaching Pence. However, including Pence in the articles of impeachment would do nothing more than guarantee that Trump survives, because the “party before country” Republicans are not going to put Nancy Pelosi in the Oval Office under any circumstances.

However unlikely, it is possible that the Democrats bring forth such devastating evidence against Trump that Republicans believe it best to go forward with evangelical Mike Pence as the president and Republican candidate on the 2020 ticket, but there is no chance they will put Nancy Pelosi in office.

Nonetheless, it strengthens the Democrats’ case to prove that Trump has so corrupted the White House that everyone at a sufficiently high level knew of the “drug deal” that was the Ukraine conspiracy. It demonstrates the brazenness with which Trump operates. Trump corrupts not just the office, but all around him, since there is no way to stay on the job without becoming the ultimate “yes man.”

Pence also has to know that just as Trump can be charged upon leaving office, so, too, can Pence. Unlike Trump, who has always lived life right on the edge of criminality (similar to Roger Stone), Pence probably never envisioned a future whereby he would need to hire a criminal defense attorney and beg for deals in order to keep himself out of prison. Trump may be able to secure himself a nice little pardon from Pence if Trump were to step down, but with Williams’ testimony, Pence might be starting to wonder who is going to pardon him when January of 2021 rolls around.

All questions that will get sorted through in the next few months. For now, the news is that Pence is in this far deeper than he would like, and too deep for there to be an easy, obvious answer for him.



Peace, y’all

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Markm Mitchell

Educate the people as to Republican misdeeds. 2020 will be fun.


Or, they could get the testimony out in public, and let the public hear of his wrongdoing. The people deserve to hear the truth, whether he gets impeached, or not.


Even without articles of impeachment, this may well sink what’s left of Pence’s political career. He takes over for Trump, he comes in just as wounded as his boss with far less “charm” to keep people on his side. Trump continues to construct a no-win scenario for the GOP. It’s becoming increasingly obvious to me that the only real choice Republicans face in the near future is how they want to lose.


Everything Trump touches, dies.
I don’t doubt that Mike Pence was an honest man, even though a religious wing-nut, but Fat Donnie was even able to “flip” him to the dark side. Amazing.

p j evans

You ought to talk to the people in Indiana, who were not going to re-elect him as governor.


Like I said, a right-wing religious wing-nut, also not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I don’t believe he was a criminal until Tangerine Nixon got hold of him. I could be wrong (and often am).

Trump has NEVER lived his life on the EDGE of criminality. As an early indoctrinated member of the Brighton Beach cell of the Russian Mob, through father Fred, his entire life has been lived as a career criminal: scamming, lying, cheating partners, employees and customers, draft-dodging, committing all manner of financial and tax fraud, money laundering, bribing Judges, destroying evidence of his crimes, threatening witnesses, raping, assaulting and murdering with pleasure and reckless abandon. If you were from New York, you have KNOWN for decades who the Trump Crime Family are. Not by their words, but by their actions. Trump… Read more »

“Pence also has to know that just as Trump can be charged upon leaving office, so, too, can Pence.”

As VP he can be charged while IN office. (Agnew precedent, he pleaded and quit.)

As in the Ukraine crime fiasco, the perception is key. Simply announcing an investigation would be sufficient, even if he then became President and the investigation was put on hold.

p j evans

I suspect Pence has been in on this since 11/9/2016. He knew about Flynn’s past – he’d been sent a warning letter by Cummings – and he still went along with that. He won’t speak out against anything Himself wants.


As to the never speaking out against or disagreeing with *rump – could it be his faith? The Christian belief in obeying rightful authority? *rump is his rightful authority figure even though he’s a criminal and wrong. We’ve all seen how hierarchies in churches keep some really nasty stuff going on for ages because no one would dare disobey the authority figure in the church.