All Democratic witnesses for the prosecution’s case for impeachment would be well advised to model their answers after the manner of Fiona Hill, British-born American foreign affairs specialist and national security official specializing in the former Soviet Union and Russian and European affairs. In the earlier closed-door sessions, it was her cool, collected, confident and expert type of testimony (excerpts of which you can now view on YouTube), which going forward will carry the day during the coming, public and “made for television” hearings. She showed just the right amount of disdain for the ignorance of her interrogators, and she combined it with a healthy amount of contempt and indignation for their venality. It is this type of attitude that will resonate with regular folks and with Donald Trump’s Base, who may finally see, appreciate and understand that there are hardworking, honest, patriotic and passionate people who are GENUINELY defending and protecting them against the likes of imposters with fake motives and fake posturing.  The uncompromising, glaring lights of these televised hearings will reveal those who are the real deal…and those who are the phonies.

And let’s discuss how and why this much maligned “Base” is going to surprise a lot of people on the Democratic side of the aisle. While it is true that there will always remain a hard core percentage who will never tire of seeing their “hero” continue to punch in the face the “elitist, anti-gun, anti-hoodlum immigrant, anti-deep state socialist traitor and whatever other “hate thy villain punching bag” Trump can conjure. But we are discovering that there are many of the base who despite whatever frustrations and bitterness Trump’s antics seemed to appease…there are many who are also tiring of his very weary and increasingly transparent theatrics. There is a strong patriotism that burns in the hearts of many of these people who constitute this base, and in some measure it is their families’ exclusion from the many benefits offered by this country that they love so much which stokes their resentment and which prompts them to turn to a Donald Trump type of character as the answer to their problems. Sometimes it takes a while before people recognize that they are praying for an answer at the altar of a false god.

The time of reckoning has begun. The blurring of the lines of reality and unreality will start to un-blur and come into clearer focus. The testimony of clear headed and clear spoken, well documented, selfless patriots will not be lost on the newly open minds of many Trump supporters who do not take kindly to insulting, defaming and denigrating GENUINE American patriots. Their visibly honest testimony will resonate in sharp relief against the sputtering pontificating word salad ramblings of those participants whose intent is equally visible…but visible in a quite different light…more as “trouble making, obstructionism,” designed to hinder truth finding. The distinction between the good guys and the “much less than good guys” will be readily discernable. And the world will be able to see and judge for themselves, who are the genuine public servants and who are just posturing.

There will be witnesses with chests full of purple hearts and distinguished military service records; witnesses with resume’ of decades of dedicated diplomatic service, years of training and education… and hard work  (and often dangerous work in foreign countries far from home) which work was NOT undertaken for personal glory, fame or riches…but for PUBLIC SERVICE.. Their testimony will be on display for comparison with people of just “slightly different backgrounds ”, whose life goals can and whose testimony  can be compared and contrasted for purposes of assessing the truth of the not only the objectives of Mr. Donald J. Trump…but also of the results of his behavior.

I suspect that any witness who can emulate Ms. Hill’s dignified presence will disturb the façade of self-righteousness with which most GOP’s like to cloak themselves. Also, stonewalling them in the fashion with which they are  all so familiar will also further serve to exacerbate their uneasiness. I suspect that most of them simply have neither the intellectual  capacity nor the endurance to conceal their disingenuous ways for very long… especially when they are confronted with unassailable facts presented by truly honest, non-partisan, patriotic, career PUBLIC SERVANTS. After all, honest Public Service is a concept with which they and Donald Trump have little familiarity.

I predict that there is a large portion of this “Quizzical Base” who are tired of a President whose ethos is to wake up everyday and look for reasons to circumvent the rules and regulations that he does not like; which do not serve his interest; which restrict his ability to get his way. They may be ready for a return to normal  practices that are more predictable, which have tried and true guidelines and safety procedures to accomplish matters in an orderly productive way on which those who benefit from steady leadership can rely.

Now if the Democrats can only find a candidate who can capture the imagination of a voting population who are longing for a leader who can truly bring us forward in unity and strength, which is long overdue…about  1000 plus days overdue.

I’m still looking…and I bet there are many more like me in the same category.

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I don’t even have to read this!!! Just a bunch of Neanderthals trying to say he is the second coming!!! This is pathetic!!! They are all pathetic!!!


By the way….this picture makes me want to throw up!


I’m afraid the trump supporters are going to have to watch something other than fox news in order to be swayed by the testimony of our exceptional public servants. I don’t know any who will. I hope you’re right though, Mike.