Impeachment Eve: When You Agreed With Anne Coulter


‘Twas the night before Impeachment and all through the house, not a Zoomer was stirring not even Aaaa

Ann Coulter?

(Quiet) Wake up, Zoomers just for a second, ‘got something to show you.

(Whisper) Yep, for one day, well – not even that, but for one tweet, Ann Coulter is an honorary Zoomer:

That night when you agreed with Ann Coulter? It took Trump.

Now, get out of here, Ann. And don’t mess with the stockings, hung with such care, with hopes that Trump’s lawyers soon will beware.

The Zoomers were nestled all snug in their beds;ย While visions of Schiff-bombs danced in their heads;
Back to sleep. Zzzzzz


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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11 Comments on "Impeachment Eve: When You Agreed With Anne Coulter"

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Ha! This is a bad dream, go back to sleep.


I must admit to not understanding what the reference to Zoomers means. I know that a Zoomer is someone born within the past 20 years (I think I got that right), but I don’t know what the cultural or political reference is. I’m a Boomer who isn’t up to speed, I guess.


I am guessing that Zoomers are PolitiZoom readers.


Oh my gosh! Of course! That’s what happens when I can’t sleep and get up to read intelligently! Thank you.

Cherl Harrell

This is really cute and I enjoyed reading it. I am just kind of shocked at the Ann Coulter tweet. Did she really say that? Wow.