Wow, Trump Talking About Firing Inspector General Who Oversaw Complaint


Of course he is talking about firing the Inspector General, why of course he is. Why does this even surprise us anymore?

I don’t know. I can be cool and say that I’m not at all surprised, and it would be a Trumpian-sized lie.

He never, ever, learns. He never had a course in “optics” and can only be controlled by people who convince him that there is an even better way, it involves doubling back on himself. In reading the New York Times article, it sounds like – for now – his aides have convinced him to hold off.

The New York Times reported late Tuesday that President Donald Trump has talked about firing the intelligence community’s inspector general, who agreed that the whistleblower’s complaint was legitimate.

Okay, go on:

Trump was dismayed when he learned of Atkinson’s actions and has frequently asked aides about firing him.

“The president has said he does not understand why Mr. Atkinson shared the complaint, which outlined how Mr. Trump asked the Ukrainian president to investigate Mr. Trump’s political rivals at the same time he was withholding military aid from the country. He has said he believes Mr. Atkinson, whom he appointed in 2017, has been disloyal, one of the people said,”

If there is one word that will come to symbolize everything about the Trump administration it will be “disloyal[y].” It describes Trump’s obsession with “loyalty” over doing the right thing. Pffft. It also, in the end, will summarize Trump’s entire political outlook, disloyalty to the United States.

Now Trump’s staff is left to talk him off the ledge, again, by emphasizing that Trump must be loyal to himself … by not firing the man who, ironically, upheld a report that Trump believes to be a “hoax.” Jeezus, I sure wish someone would pay me $180,000 per year to think of genius advice such as:

“People close to the president believe the political consequences of firing Mr. Atkinson could be devastating, especially when Mr. Trump needs all the Republican support he can get for a potential impeachment trial in the Senate,”

Nice work, Jared.

Seriously, it likely is Jared in there saying: “You will completely f-yourself politically by firing someone for … ” (gulps), “just … you know, doing what looked like needed to be done?”

My man, Jared Kushner, had to be the one. Is anyone else left?

There is nothing in the article indicating that Trump has made a final decision on firing the I.G.. That is kind of delicious. We can assume that the man will go on to gainful employment, celebrated as an American hero, having a holiday named after him, barbeques, no school, all that.

Do it, Trump, go for it.


Peace, y’all

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p j evans

Firing the IG would make impeachment even more likely, since it’s obviously retaliation.


Everyone knows this but trump because he is “perfect.”


So, he will do it. People are telling him no. The spoiled brat can’t handle that. Probably tomorrow, in hopes of a new distraction.


Le roi, c’est moi. Loyalty to royalty is how he sees it.