Trump Released a Tweet that Nears Confession, Shows His Mindset


This is not going to require a great deal of analysis, and I suspect you, our insightful readers, will see it jump off the page:



Yes, he is supposedly quoting (though not quite) his friends at Fox News, but that isn’t the real telling part. Trump is highlighting his own mindset.

Trump and the White House released the Ukrainian aid money on September 11th, one day after Adam Schiff sent a letter stating that a complaint had been filed and suppressed.

In the two above tweets, Trump highlights that the money was released: “We released the money,” and in exchange (paraphrased) “We got nothing.”

I suppose it never once occurred to Trump that, by law, that is precisely what is supposed to happen. “We” never asked for, nor expected “anything,” so how can he state that “we” got nothing?

It only makes sense when one knows what he means by “we,” and what he thinks he is entitled to do with American money. He is stating that he should have been allowed to put conditions on the money based upon what “he” expected to get, not “we.”

It is far too subtle for today’s political environment. But just looking at how he’s willing to phrase the matter in a tweet is exactly what one expects from a man who thinks that he “is” the United States, and thus “we” needed to get something. Everything is transactional, he personally gave the money, and is entitled to ask for what “he” wanted in return.

While I am here, the complaint referenced Trump wanting the Bidens investigated, but later transcripts have made it clear that Trump wanted  an announcement that Ukraine was investigating Biden, not the investigation itself. The “deliverable” that Vindman noted was an “announcement,” something with no value at all except to  Trump personally. An “announcement” has only political value, that’s it.

He is king, it is his money. With that money, he is entitled to a benefit in exchange.

“We got nothing,” because shifty Schiff sent the letter and forced our hand, ruining our leverage.

That’s his defense.


Peace, y’all

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5 Comments on "Trump Released a Tweet that Nears Confession, Shows His Mindset"

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Anyone else getting the impression that we are soooooooo close to a “You’re goddamn right I did!” moment from Trump?

p j evans

Himself doesn’t get that he didn’t, and still doesn’t, have the legal authority to prevent appropriated funds from being disbursed. That’s not HIS money to make decisions on. That money was authorized by Congress for Ukraine last spring, and himself held it up for months, trying to get them to “investigate” a non-crime.


Hard to know how to respond to hi tweets at this point. So tired of him.

Markm Mitchell

Bingo again, Jason.