You recall back in the day that Donald Trump said he never spoke with Roger Stone about Wikileaks, or Hillary, etc., et al. and that is what he told Robert Mueller. That is not what Rick Gates is saying in his testimony at the trial of Roger Stone.

This is indeed significant. In fact, I would venture to say that Jay Sekulow is reaching for serious migraine medication right about now, this is so on point.

It will be interesting to see what other material that was redacted in the Mueller report will come out in the Stone trial. Meanwhile, it’s been noted that Roger Stone doesn’t seem to have much of a defense going on right now.

Maybe it’s as pathetic as that. If that’s the case, I would point out to Roger Stone that Paul Manafort is still waiting for his pardon and he’s going to get a lot greyer and longer in the tooth before it comes. I think that’s where all the smart money is placed at this time. Trump has never been known as a stand up kind of a guy, who takes care of people. Stone is a fool to play that card.

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5 Comments on "Trump Perjured Himself in Testimony To Mueller per Rick Gates’ Testimony in Stone Trial"

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p j evans

Stone is trying for a pardon. It’s his only shot at avoiding time behind bars, since he’s basically admitted four of the charges are true.


I cannot believe that stone expects trump to pardon him. I guess he thinks he Is special.