Latest Congressional Impeachment Defense: “Everyone’s On Their Own!”


Alright, alright, I wrote earlier today about a misleading headline that the New York Times took as proving that the White House was in disarray, and people were panicking. I believed that the article didn’t indicate all that much. However, HuffPost now has reporting that actually does have evidence of chaos and dysfunction.

Simply put, the Senate is at a complete loss as to how to defend Trump because the White House can’t articulate some kind of consistent solid defense that withstands the ever-changing facts. The White House has no “war room” stuffed with Ivy-Leagued bad-ass attorneys watching every single move and countering it with their defense. Nope. The war room is located in Donald Trump’s head and it shotguns defenses in all directions.

This forces some Senators to throw their hands in the air about what to say when confronted with a microphone. In a closed door meeting McConnel told Republican that they have to rely on themselves:

With reports that the White House is the scene of a pitched battle over a which plan to use to fight the Democrats, Senate Republicans are floundering when confronted by the press on how they feel about impeachment hearings that could lead to them to have to vote on whether to force Trump from office.

Yes, we mentioned that above, go on:

According to the report, “Republicans have no unified argument in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, in large part because they can’t agree on how best to defend the president — or for some, if they should.”

They aren’t getting any sort of “direction” from the White House, and thus were forced to articulate one themselves.

Noting, “it’s every Republican for himself or herself,” the report goes on to add, “The result is a mishmash of GOP commentary spilling from Capitol Hill that may shield lawmakers, for now, from risky political choices, but leaves them with a disjointed defense of Trump as impeachment hearings push into the public realm this coming week.”

This is good news for those of us wanting to focus on the actual facts pertinent to the actual problem, corruption, extortion and abuse of power. If Republicans can’t find one good defense that they all rely upon, and if the policy coming out of the meeting is “find your own,” then it inevitably leads to one Republican saying: “It’s abc and xyz,” a citizen flips the channel and hears, “You can’t impeach because qrs!” and then again to someone saying: “It is XYZ and QRS and LMN which is the one that matters.”

If an independent-type Trump voter hears all this, someone like the soccer mom or hockey dad in the Minneapolis suburbs, it inevitably leads to; “What the hell are they talking about?”

Of course many Republicans will nod their heads, glad to hear that literally every aspect of the impeachment process is stupid and bullshit. Trump is perfect, the phone call was perfect, the process was unfair, there’s no quid pro quo, and if there was a quid pro quo that is a damned good thing, and where the hell is Hunter anyway!”

Those Trump voters are reachable in any context.

The current defense, the one I am listening to right now on MTP, is that nothing went wrong and that’s proven by the fact that this is a “purely partisan impeachment.” Trump’s “policy choice” to withhold the money is very typical of every administration.

Of course this is ridiculous since none of those “policy choices” were specifically directed at the most prominent Democratic opponent in the next election. This policy choice only really impacts one person, the same person running against you, plainly never happened before.

Why don’t they address it?

Because there is no real defense to it. The White House cannot point to a policy decision with respect to North Korea that teetered on corruption. Trump cannot point to something he did to Venezuela that indicates that the corruption concerned him. Even the relationship with Mexico never led to any result by which the quid pro quo “accidentally” led to a demand to harm Trump’s nemesis.

This is plainly a classic conflict of interest. In this unique situation, all a president can do is hand the investigation over to an American investigator who is independent and apolitical, just as Barr did with the FISA investigation.

That wasn’t what happened. It is all just so obviously an abuse of power. This is why it is every man for himself and over the boat they go. The only unanimity in defending Trump is that Trump will be defended. They know that.

OMG, Hugh Hewitt just stated that the Senate shouldn’t even take up the matter. McConnell should simply dismiss the motion coming over. Of course that never happened before since the constitution plainly states “shall be tried in the Senate.” Nothing matters. That is the defense, none of this matters.


Peace, y’all

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And thus we see the final manifestation of no real GOP leadership being left. Mitch McConnell comes the closest but he’s little better than a middle manager who knows how to tread water. Trump’s crew? I remain convinced that NO ONE is in charge, not even Vlad, over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. That’s going to hurt them even worse next year than it did for them in Virginia this year.

p j evans

I wish the GOP-T had to take and pass a civics class before the open hearings start.

Cheryl Lawrence

The populace needs to take and pass a civics class in order to process the impeachment. As a quick substitute, read the Constitution. If you want some more understanding, read some of the books written around the Nixon years.
Know your Constitutional Rights and know when your are given BS, lies and other crap run by Guiliani, Barr and the White House liars.


My daughter was given a copy of the Constitution in High School, and told to read it carefully and KNOW her rights! The teacher told her class to come to her with anything the kids weren’t sure of, at any time. My daughter is now 23 and keeps a copy in her car and at home!


It’s also ironic that this group’s first iteration were those idiots who, after taking office back in 2011, decided to have readings from the Constitution before anything else because they *claimed* that Congress had been voting on matters that it had no Constitutional business handling.

It looks like, 8 years after that stunt, they didn’t actually bother STUDYING the stuff they were reading. Kind of like fundamentalist Bible-thumpers who insist on a *literal* view of the Bible (but ignoring all those pesky contradictions–which begin in Genesis 2).

chris whitley

Yeah what they have is nothing. And after public hearings on this with these officials telling that these morons took the law in their own hands and violated the constitution. Whether they no it or not breaking the law is criminal. And being stupid only counts in possible sentencing.

Markm Mitchell

The Republican Party will be greatly diminished after the next election.

The Morans should just receive the package from the House, do exactly what the Constitution requires, present all sides of the problem, letting Judge Roberts slap down the idiots crying and sobbing from fear of the very thing they have built in the Senate, the largest, most powerful mouse trap in the world, one with sensors tuned to each major idiot, like Graham and McConnell, who will suffer the most bruises from that trap when sprung BUT, they insist on doing one’s own thing, like DJT himself a singular example of “do it this way, or I’ll have another sissy… Read more »

What is the deal with Hugh Hewitt anyway? I’ve been wondering for several years how in the world he holds down a job. Smug old idiot.


It’s going to be a real sh*t show.