I hope the Democrats are plotting what I think they are.


And the lost tribe spent years wandering around in the wilderness, saying “We’re the Fuquawi, we’re the Fuquawi   Johnny Carson

Since day one, I have been highly complimentary of the Democrats ability to first seize, and then control the narrative in the Trump-Ukraine scandal. While the Democrats were late in accepting their invitation to the impeachment prom, since they’ve arrived, they’ve proven to be quite the party planners.

The way they have done that is to hammer at the simple, central core concept of quid pro quo, or literally, this for that. Even before witness depositions started, the very mechanics displayed in the phone log of the conversation between Trump and Zelensky, which Dipshit Donnie so generously provided, proved without a shadow of a doubt that His Lowness was expecting a deliverable, better known to common slobs like us as a bribe, in return for the military aid that congress had already authorized. The facts are as clear as the nose on your face.

And because this simple fact was as evident to the Republicans as it was to everybody else, it set of a frenzy of denial, with the denials coming in every flavor and color of a bag of Skittles. Everything from There was no quid pro quo!, to Quid pro quos are a standard part of diplomacy, to my personal favorite, Are you kidding? Trump has the IQ of head lice! He can’t even spell quid pro quo, much less engage in one! The GOP’s entire, immediate, knee jerk, die-on-this-hill reaction especially in the Senate, has been to deny the physical presence of a quid pro quo.

And you know what? The GOP is 100% correct, there was no quid pro quo. because there is a missing dynamic in this scenario that is present in a normal quid pro quo. Let’s say I have a mountain that I want to rip the top off of to get at the coal, but that’s against the law. You on the other hand, chair a committee in congress with a bill on the table that you could attach an amendment to that would cut me a loophole that allows me to rip the top off of my mountain. I am thrilled to hand you a leprechaun’s pot of cash to write and insert that amendment, and you are thrilled to write and insert that amendment in return for that pot of lucre. That’s a classic quid pro quo, an agreement between two parties with criminal intent.

Where is the criminal intent on the part of the Ukrainian’s in this transaction. Remember, this plot didn’t begin with the September 25th phone call from Trump to Zelensky, Ghouliani, Volker, Sundland, and even VP Mike Pence had been pushing for this quid pro quo since Zelensky took office in May. And what was the Ukrainian’s response to these overtures? Abject horror. Here you have a young, popular President, leading a young and enthusiastic government, who ran on cleaning up corruption in the Ukraine, and what is the first thing they’re asked to do? To interject themselves into the US electoral process by conducting a corrupt series of investigations to aid Trump’s reelection bid in 2020. Zelensy got up on his hind legs and dug his heels in for four months to avoid this deal. There was no quid pro quo simply because there was no voluntary agreement to the terms by Zelensky.

This is the trap that I think the Democrats are laying for the Republicans. They have locked them irrevocably into the position that there was no quid pro quo. Fine, so be it. And that’s why, over the last couple of days now, you’ve been hearing just a sprinkling of House committee Democrats, as well as a few network commentators starting to toss around a very provocative word and that word is extortion. because when one party threatens an adverse action if the other party doesn’t comply with their demands, that isn’t a quid pro quo, that is a classic example of extortion.

Here’s how I see this playing out. The Democrats will call the pertinent witnesses to testify, who will show the basic mechanics of the alleged agreement between Trump and Zelensky, which all fit the textbook definition of a quid pro quo. The GOP will vociferously argue that no such quid pro quo existed, and that even if it did, that doesn’t qualify as a high crime and misdemeanor. Then, late in the proceedings, the Democrat will call a constitutional scholar like Professor Lawrence Tribe to the stand, and from him they will elicit the constitutional definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. And once they’ve established that, they will get him to describe the statutory elements of criminal attempted extortion.

Which is when they’ll have the GOP by the old short-and-curlies. Fine, so you can argue that a quid pro quo doesn’t rise to the level of a high crime or misdemeanor, a case of attempted criminal extortion sure as shit does. Hell, attempted criminal extortion is a violation of the US criminal code, as well as the criminal codes of every state in the union. If  blatant violation of the US criminal code doesn’t qualify for impeachment, what does? And attempted criminal extortion is a crime committed on a daily basis by organized crime mobs all over the country.

Never forget this fact. Long before the Trump-Zelensky phone call, ever since the day the Democrats seriously began considering articles of impeachment, every pundit and every talking head on cable television has tried to hammer it into every viewers head that impeachment is not a legal process, it is an inherently political process. And fortunately, that is exactly how the Democrats are handling it, and I know the exact outcome that they’re looking for.

The Democrats are not morons, they went into this knowing that there was virtually no way, regardless of the evidence they compiled and presented during the impeachment hearings and subsequent trial in the Senate, that the Senate GOP was going to remove Traitor Tot from office. The goal for the Democrats, in the upcoming hearings, in the impeachment vote in the House, and the trial in the Senate, is to prove to the public beyond a reasonable doubt, that The Great Pumpkin is nothing more than a thug, a common criminal that broke the law by attempting to extort assistance from the government of the Ukraine ti assist in his 2020 reelection bid. And then to force every single GOP incumbent, in both the House as well as the Senate, to vote to give Trump a free pass for clearly criminal behavior, behavior that could get him convicted in a court of law.

Which will allow every Democratic candidate on the ballot next November to paint Trump as a common criminal and to expose their opponents as craven cowards, who violated their own oaths of office, and voted to put party before country, by giving Trump a free pass on obviously criminal behavior. The key is going to be the Democrats, as well as the media, making that transition from quid pro quo over to the more toxic and politically deadly attempted criminal extortion. If I were you. I’d expect to start hearing those words a whole lot more in the near future, especially when the public testimony starts.

For three long years now, Trump has survived scandal after scandal by being the world’s leading promulgator of The Big Lie, hammering home any lie no matter how outlandish, over and over again until it’s believed. If all goes well, we’ll see how he and the GOP like being hit with The Big Truth, having his blatant criminality hammered home over and over again until it is finally believed. Don’t touch that dial.

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If my memory serves me, treason and bribery are the two specifics mentioned in the Constitution which would be considered impeachable offenses. To me, extortion is the arm-twisting version of bribery. Coersion + bribery = extortion.
Thank you, Murfster!


Given that Schiff is an ex-prosecutor who knows EXACTLY how to steer evidence the way you described, Murf, it’s a cinch that’s the play. I mean, if some Republicans wake from the stupor, great. But the public won’t be so easy to fool once they charge into THAT particular corner.

p j evans

The GOP-T keeps missing the conclusion to their claim that Himself is too stupid to know that what he was doing was illegal: that he’s too stupid to remain in office as US president.

chris whitley

Yeah the gop practically handed this to the democrats. I bet old John Kennedy is wishing he could take back that little bull crap at ye old trump rally. He sure stuck his foot in his mouth on that one. And if trump makes it to the election he will be voted out along with a whole bunch of senators. The American people don’t hold with criminals.

rory darjiit
If I understand your theory on criminal intent, I think it’s off with how the law works in this regard. If I understand criminal bribery and extortion correctly (and I might not…I’m not a lawyer), I think that the quid and the quo replaces the need to show criminal intent. When you have one person using their official powers to give something in exchange for something that can be shown to be of personal value, it no longer matters if there was criminal intent. From what I’ve read, intent in a bribery case just means proving that the instigator intended… Read more »