In what I suspect is yet another veiled swipe at Obama, Donald Trump wants to prove himself the most hip, slick and cool prez ever, and so he issued the MAGA CHALLENGE to rappers. He’s going to announce the winners today, supposedly, and he will invite them to the White House to perform — maybe. He used to promise big checks to charities who never saw them, but maybe this will happen. Rolling Stone:

On Friday, Trump tweeted plans to announce winners of the #MAGACHALLENGE — a social media trend in which pro-Trump rappers film themselves spitting their affection for the president — and invite them to the White House to perform, effectively opening a fresh portal to hell by promoting what is soon to become one of the most cursed hashtags in Twitter’s history to his 66.6 million followers.

He does have 66.6M followers. I just checked. Mark of the beast, anybody? Sure as hell is a weird coincidence…but it gets weirder.

Now here’s a full mix of 7:50. For the anthropologist in all of us, this is a vision. If we sent this out in a spaceship and some advanced civilization picked it up in a few thousand years, I don’t even want to speculate what they might think about us. One way of discouraging visitors, that’s for damn sure. Take a look.


I can’t wait for Trump to announce the losers winners of the contest, can you? Maybe he’ll ask one of them to be a cabinet member, or better yet, join him on the 2020 ticket?

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5 Comments on "Trump To Announce Winners Of ‘#MAGACHALLENGE’ Rap Competition ‘Who Can Kiss Trump’s Ass The Best’"

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Lil Blue Sock

aaahahaha!!!……..what a maroon……


p j evans

His minions and followers don’t get music that isn’t white country.


Thanks, I think I’ll stick with “Epic Rap Battles from History.”