The phenomenon of Donald Trump has always been contingent upon the War on Truth, more than any other single factor. As long as he can pump out enough disinformation and lies, and get enough people to believe them, he’s got support. Unfortunately, there are actual events that Trump has been at recently, the World Series and the UFC Championship, where the cameras, microphones and eye witnesses far outnumbered the spin meisters on Fox News — or Trump’s relatives. One eye witness at the UFC match was Joe Rogan, the UFC’s color commentator, who said on his Friday podcast, that “18,000 people” “booed the fuck out of” Donald Trump. Raw Story:

“Listen, I took my f*cking headphones off just to listen,” Rogan explained. “And it was ‘boo’ – 18,000 people just going ‘boo.’”

“His son said they were chanting USA,” Fitzsimmons remarked, laughing.

“Umm, maybe four people behind him were chanting USA,” Rogan replied. “Is that what Donald Jr said? If that was your dad, you’d probably say that too… look, they booed the f*ck out of him. I’m sure some people clapped, but if you had to bet your money on it … it was f*cking boos.”

Rogan added he was so close to Trump he could have “hit him with a rock.”

The good thing about all this, is that regardless of the lies that Donald Jr. or anybody else feels the need to make, Trump was there and he heard the boos of the crowd. That’s all that’s important. Now, of course, Trump being Trump, he will have spun it in his imagination to mean that the boos were his fans booing the impeachment inquiry, or God knows what desperate spin he needs to put on it to make it palatable. But on some level, the emotional truth is there — he heard the boos. The fact that he’s hated is manifesting more and more as the days go by. And he earned it.

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Every night is a good night to boo the f___ out of Trump!

Carol O

It warmed my heart to hear the crowd at the World Series booing him and chanting ‘Lock him up’. More of this please!