The Canary In The Coal Mine? Updated with VA House results.


Ah, off year election night in America. Maybe not as sexy sounding as Football Night in America, but if you’re a Democrat these days, tonight is looking pretty damn sexy.

NBC News has projected Democratic candidate Andy Bashear the apparent winner in the Kentucky Governor’s race, ousting incumbent Matt Bevin. This is a big deal for more reasons than we can count. For one thing, as was reported earlier, Bevin was “Trump before Trump” to use the tired old phrase. Bevin was elected in Kentucky in November of 2015, almost exactly one year to the day before Trump. Bevin was brash, abrasive and profane, perfectly happy to piss everybody off.

But oh, how the mighty have fallen. Going into the election, Bevin’s popularity in Kentucky was an abysmal 33%, identical by the way with GOP Senate Majority Leader’ Mitch McConnell’s. Trump won Kentucky in 2016 by 30+ In fact, His Lowness himself flew into Kentucky last night for a last minute rally for Bevin, dragging Yertl McTurtle and Rand “Aqua Buddha” Paul with him. And it still wasn’t enough. This is important because, as I wrote a couple of days ago, winning the Kentucky governorship will make sure that a Democratic Governor can put the speed brakes on any new redistricting map drawn up by a GOP dominated legislature.

*Disclaimer* My source for news on this article is MSNBC, and NBC News doesn’t “call” state legislature races, so MSNBC is deferring to the Associated Press for their calls on the races. The news is positive so far from there too. The AP has already “called” the Democratic flip of the Virginia state Senate. Also, as we speak, the AP has already called the Democrats having flipped 3 seats in the House of Delegates. There are still about a dozen and a half House seats to be called, but if these results hold, the Democrats will take total control of the gears of government in Virginia for the first time in a quarter of a century.

One thing that would make this a critical change of power, not only in Virginia, but in the entire country. Virginia has been trying for years now to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, with the GOP forestalling them from getting it done. Flipping both chambers would make it possible for Virginia to officially become the state that put the Equal Rights Amendment over the top, clearing the way for it to become a part of the United States constitution.

I will update this if I can get confirmed word tonight of the final results in the VA House, but already it’s a good night for Democrats, and a positive indication of things to come.


The Associated Press has just “called it” that the Democrats have flipped the state’s House of Delegates. So far, with a handful of races still left to call, the Democrats have flipped 5 House seats, 3 more than they need to to take control. According to the AP, they have also flipped a second Senate seat, giving them outright control of that chamber as well.

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Just a little OT, but the lady bicyclist who got fired flipping off the *residents motorcade, just won Louden county supervisor, coincidentally where Cheeto-man(boy?Infant?) has a golf course! Can you say ‘KARMA’? Also OT, Charlie Pierce called Sondland’s Quid Pro Quo to be pronounced: Game Set Match!
Lil Blue Sock

As a native Virginian whose ancestry in the state goes back to 1610 I can’t begin to say how happy and proud I am…….Sic Semper Tyrannis!!!

Also, now that we hold the majority in the Virginia House and Senate it will be a great honor to be the state that casts the votes that will finally put the Equal Rights Amendment OVER THE TOP!!!

“Flipping both chambers would make it possible for Virginia to officially become the state that put the Equal Rights Amendment over the top, clearing the way for it to become a part of the United States constitution.” You may be jumping the gun there a bit. While 35 states ratified the ERA before the amended 1982 deadline and two more have ratified since that date, the Constitution is completely silent as to whether a state has a right to rescind its ratification (3 states did so fully while Kentucky’s legislature voted to revoke the ratification only for the acting Governor… Read more »
Lil Blue Sock

Points well taken, but I dunno Joseph……after the literal azz kicking the GOP (Group Of Pricks) have taken two years in a row, would you be willing to effectively alienate 52% of the population before the general election?