Sondland Drops the Bomb: It Was Quid Pro Quo


Remarkably, Ambassador Sondland has had his memory refreshed upon reading other peoples’ transcripts. The part he remembers? Yes, there was a quid pro quo, or in other words, there was a bribe, there was extortion, there was a crime.

And real lawyers like Lawrence Tribe are stating this changes everything:

President Donald Trump’s ally, donor and EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland’s shocking testimony was released by the House Intelligence Committee Tuesday and shock quickly followed.

And now que the administration’s “Okay, it was a quid pro quo, which also means bribe or extortion, but that isn’t impeachable” defense, the one everyone here has known was coming eventually.


And last one:

So, in other words, boom.

Now, they can call the whistleblower Barrack Obama, if they want. Yes, it was Barrack Obama who did the ultimate jedi mind trick, “these are not the droids you’re looking for,” and got Trump to release the memo, which required other questions. Those questions are now being answered, and the answers reveal a crime. The whistleblower has been irrelevant since the memo was released, but never more so. Time to switch defenses.


Peace, y’all

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4 Comments on "Sondland Drops the Bomb: It Was Quid Pro Quo"

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Lawrence Tribe’s tweet made me laugh so loudly, it scared my cat!

I haven’t read the transcript of Sondland’s deposition yet, though I understand it was released today. It will be interesting fiction reading. Thanks, Jason.


Mick Mulvaney admitted to extortion and nothing happened, subpoenas ignored with zero repercussions, nothig is going to happe to the white nationalist racist in chief Donald Trump, we have the “democracy” we deserve just like Lindsey Graham warned if we were to nominate him.

p j evans

Those “ignored subpoenas” are going through the court system.

Alfred Higgins

Soooo…,if a little threat of jail time for perjury is enough to make canaries sing, how about a lot of jail time for contempt of Congress?