It’s no new insight that this particular iteration of the GOP is the most lawless and corrupt in the history of the party, nonetheless each new outrage still brings a certain level of amazement, as disregard for basic principles of law and freedom are displayed once again, as though these things were inconsequential. Rand Paul outrageously demanded the media reveal the name of the Ukraine whistle blower, in contravention of federal law, not to mention basic decency, and Chuck Schumer wasn’t having it. The Hill:

Paul, speaking in his home state at a Trump campaign rally on Monday evening, referenced unconfirmed reports in conservative media that the whistleblower worked for former Vice President Joe Biden, questioning the person’s credibility.

“We also now know the name of the whistleblower. The whistleblower needs to come forward as a material witness because he worked for Joe Biden at the same time Hunter Biden was getting money from corrupt oligarchs,” Paul said at the rally after President Trump invited him onstage.

“I say tonight to the media, do your job and print his name,” Paul told the crowd to loud cheers.

Schumer made his views known Tuesday,

“I cannot stress just how wrong this is. We have federal whistleblower laws designed to protect the identity and safety of patriotic Americans who come forward to stand up for the Constitution,” Schumer said during a speech on the Senate floor.

“There should be bipartisan outrage at the public attempts by the president and a member of this body to expose the identity of a federal whistleblower,” Schumer argued.

Paul, and his compatriots in the alternate political reality of Donald Trump, care nothing for the constitution and the rule of law. They make that evident every time they open their mouths and advocate actions which are nothing but destructive to our way of life. John McCain accused Rand Paul of “working for Vladimir Putin” in Spring of 2017, when Paul opposed allowing Montenegro into NATO. McCain may not have fully appreciated just how right he was.

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Jason Miciak

They’re going to get this guy killed by a MAGA.


I’m certain that’s what they’re trying for. But I suspect that the WB not only knew the risks but prepped for them in the event such an unveiling came to pass.


The *resident and Rand Paul are encouraging someone to break the law, and they are setting up an attack on the whistleblower, verbal and/or physical. It’s shameful. There is only one Republican that I am aware of who is defending the whistleblower, and that is Senator Chuck Grassley. He was a major reason why the legislation protecting whistleblowers was enacted. He is a lone voice from that side of the aisle.

Being a whistleblower does not guarantee anonymity. The protection for a whistleblower only extends to protecting his/her job and prohibiting unfair personnel actions by the employer. There is no law that prohibits the media from revealing who this guy is. It is not a secret anyway. Everybody in D.C. knows who the guy is and have known for months. This guy initiated a process that could result in the impeachment of the President. He should be cross examined. On the other hand, the transcript of the call is public. There is nothing there. Zero that would rise to a high… Read more »
p j evans

The law protects their identity. You ought to look it up some time. And at this point, they have multiple direct witnesses to the phone call, so they don’t actually need the testimony of the whistleblower.
(You might consider turning off Fox News. They lie to you, all the time.)


Don’t watch Fox News.

I did look it up. Suppose you do the same and tell me where it says anonymity is protected by the media. Hint, it doesn’t.

Every one of those witnesses have an opinion of what was said. I repeat, the transcript is public. Everyone has an opinion. If the hearings were in any way fair there would be cross examinations and witnesses with different opinions. And neither side’s opinions are needed because, ONCE AGAIN, the transcript is public.

There’s also no law “that prohibits the media from” many things that the LEGITIMATE media chooses not to do–like revealing the names of rape victims or revealing the names of minors involved in crimes. The media does that because they recognize the potential harm to the people whose names are revealed. And with the current political climate, the LEGITIMATE media are NOT going to reveal someone’s name because a couple of butt-hurt politicians (likely to be involved in criminal activities themselves) are “challenging” them to do so. It strikes me funny that Chump and Baby Paul want the media (that… Read more »
We are talking about impeaching a President. It’s legitimate to know who is accusing the President and the motivation behind him. Otherwise, any anonymous person could make an accusation against any elected official for political reasons. Which is exactly what is happening here. Once again, ad nauseum, we have the transcript. The release of the transcript was a surprise to the Dems and the whistleblower. Now, we need to know why the leaker did what he did, who he talked to, i.e. coordinating with Schiff’s staff and the connections to all the players in this farce. That’s legitimate if it’s… Read more »

The “transcript” was doctored. Per testimony under oath in front of the committees. And you are just pushing White House talking points.

Carol O

Like tRump who keeps repeating ‘read the transcript’ like some kind of mantra, there IS NO TRANSCRIPT. Just a partial write up that one of his hacks provided. Per the depositions of those in the know, there are several minutes worth of conversation that are not included in that. So stop with the ‘transcript’ echoing. We don’t have one!