Paula White, Trump Pastor, Conveniently Equates Trump and God


It is true.

She said it, and now we know why she was brought on board as a White House employee. I doubt even Mick Mulvaney would say Trump is basically God.

I guess they figured someone had to say it, and found someone base enough to do it.

Saying no to Trump would be like saying no to God. She said it, and he just stood there, happily.

I am positive that if anyone here was in that position, hearing someone equate saying no to you as akin to saying no to God, every single person reading this would immediately jump in to say “Hold on, hold on. Let’s not get carried away. I am not “God,” and saying “no” to my ideas might be wrong, in my opinion, but let’s just leave it at that.”

“We” have managed to allow a minority in this country to elect one of the small minority of earthlings who can comfortably stand there and smile upon hearing such god-like praise. Somehow, this nation allowed someone like this woman to “work” in the White House. (If you want to read-up on this woman’s past, we sure note that she has not “sacrificed” even a bit for her god.)

As ever, the danger the man in the White House brings always increases. His followers never needed further reason to reject reality and blindly follow. Now some believe they are essentially damned to hell for thinking: “Wait, the guy is using other countries to hammer his political ‘enemies’? That sounds kinda wrong …” Nope. Might as well walk out of church and park with a porn star, or cage a child, because there is no difference.

I am sure no one here needs reminding that if history demonstrates any one thing with clinical precision, it is that when a group elevates its leader to a deity, it doesn’t turn out well, ever.

I am not going to opine on whether Jesus was divine, or just a highly enlightened person, that’s for each individual to determine on his or her own and none of my business. I can opine on this. Everything attributed to Jesus, screams that he would be screaming at these people. Again, the one single time the Bible notes that Jesus just lost his shit and went off on folks was … at the Temple, with the folks exchanging money for something purportedly having to do God. If we are to take that lesson as religion or simply a telling story, it would lead any reasonable person to believe that had Jesus heard such a claim, he would have walked on stage, pulled the cord from the microphone out of the wall, thrown the microphone through the wall, pushed over the podium, put a finger in the air to that woman and said “If you don’t shut-up for ten minutes and start thinking about the word humility, and write me a one page paper on the subject, I will, actually, intervene and beg that someone show you what it actually is like to say no to God” or something akin to that.

I should not make light of any of this, and yet if I don’t, the alternative is to scream.

This is really dangerous.

Faith is something inherently personal, and can be a beautiful motivation for people to spread real good-works throughout the world. Jimmy Carter is hammering nails at 95, just to help people, and he gets the motivation from his faith.

When faith becomes politicized, it is used for unimaginable abuses, leading down a road that justifies so much suffering. There is no reason to think we have seen the worst abuses. Given the power, they can do stuff that dwarfs what we’ve seen. For true Trumpers, their faith only knows one direction, ever more extreme, never ever satisfied. So dangerous.

And we are going to be hearing from her more and more. Guaranteed.


Peace, y’all … something Jesus did – repeatedly – ask for.

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

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Scott Jackson

John 8…esp verse 42 on. this story is about the Jews arguing they are the children of Abraham. Jesus tells them they are not because they dont do what Abraham taught. Verse 42 on Jesus tells them they are the CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL…a liar & a murderer from the beginning. Trump has lied approx 13,500 times. SO YOU NOW KNOW WHO YOUR DADDY IS.


She is basically Satan. If you believe in Satan.

Lone Wolf

He has to PAY for it!

hiv/aids? hepatitis? clap? shingles?
no, I’m sorry he is the mostest fittest man on the planet, EVER

with everyone else’s money…

does his rent a bride know he could possibly maybe very well have a drug addiction???

These “Christians” prove one of two theories about the existence of God: First: Nietzsche had it right and “God is dead.” Second: That God decided to let His children grow up and fend for themselves and He would intervene on very VERY limited occasions (like any responsible parent would do). In Old Testament times, a “pastor” making such a comment about an earthly leader (especially one as irredeemable as Trump) would find himself the recipient of boils or a bolt of lightning or being swallowed whole by the very earth itself. I just have to wonder, though, what some of… Read more »
elna benoit

Paula White was one of the early experiments on the Fox Cloning Farms. She’s got the fake blonde hair, the thin lips. the overly clenched jaw and pointy elbows, but she never quite achieved that veneer of semi-intelligent snootiness, and was thus relegated to working Religion for her grifting, where intelligence is not a requirement.

Carol O

Like Stannis Baratheon, tRump now has his ‘Red Woman’.


So that’s how you got the job! Kissing all the right spots your suppose to kiss. You do know the passage…..” You cannot serve two masters…..”. We know who you chose.