Now, Trump Insists the Whistleblower Actually Doesn’t Even “Exist”


Somewhere, Lewis Carroll is shaking his head, thinking that he wrote a relatively linear story compared to the tale currently spun by the United States government. The “leader” of that same government, today argued that the whistleblower must not exist. No, I am not kidding.

Make of this what you will:

True, I suppose one can say that Trump simply re-tweeted what someone else said. But, a retweet without further comment becomes one’s own statement, at least in my mind.

May I also note that there is a veiled threat in there against Republicans?

“No Republican should forget” that “this is a farce.” God help any Republican who even contemplates committing candor and stating: “Yes, he did it. No, it is not good. But …”

THAT is clearly, now, out of bounds. For Republicans, the choice is now affirm the entire matter is a “farce” because no whistleblower even exists. Or, live forever in fear of becoming the subject of a “Katrina-worthy” tweetstorm, a tweetstorm short-thumbed into a phone by a guy who seems to relish inflicting pain even more than he relishes porn stars. Admittedly, there could be some overlap in the relish there, spankings and … a little too much mustard in all that. I’ll drop it.

It has been a long day, forgive me.

And I’m just so damn sick of this guy and this game, anyway. The presidency, and the United States government, extorting another government, to pound your political rival, is all too important for panty-waisted “games” anyway.

Let me show you how easily this becomes a “connect the dot” drawing for people who let themselves think.

The memo is not a transcript.

The memo demonstrates a serious problem that required investigation, “I need a favor, though.”

The release of the memo wholly negates any need for whistleblower testimony because Americans need to ask: “What favor?” Obviously.

Democrats called many witnesses who had inside knowledge as to “what favor” Trump referenced.

These witnesses painted a picture worse than that which we heard from the whistleblower, pushing the Ukrainian problem back at least a year.

The witnesses testified to problems involving firing an ambassador that wouldn’t push for a fake investigation. A problem involving a newly appointed ambassador who stated “it is ridiculous to make aid money dependent upon playing politics.” The problem involves Trump running a shadow state department through Rudy fcking Giuliani, esq-moron. The problem involves a National Security Advisor warning people that he’s not part of the “drug deal” cooked-up by Rudy and Mulvaney.

That is a scandal of epic proportion and I didn’t list half of the problems.

Do these people even realize that had any previous president demonstrated “concern” about corruption in this country and asked this country’s law enforcement to look into his political rival, that president would have been impeached in weeks?

The “president” of this country doesn’t “ask” for specific investigations of anyone. He makes “priorities,” e.g. “We are going to prosecute human-trafficking more aggressively.” Or, “We are going to ease up on the drug prosecutions and treat it like a medical problem.” The president does not say: “I want John Doe investigated!” And the president of this country especially never says “I want the John Doe beating me in the polls investigated!”

The divide between the White House and the entire DOJ, but especially the FBI, has been so clear that when Obama invited Comey to play basketball on the White House court, Comey thanked Obama but said it might give the wrong appearance. There is no fraternizing among the president and law-enforcement.

IF it is so set in stone that the president of this country not ask the police in this country to not investigate anyone, never mind political rivals, and it definitely is, then why is it even a question that the president doesn’t get to ask foreign leaders to investigate Americans? I don’t even have to get into using foreign aid as a carrot and stick. Do not get me started on the carrot and stick to get your political rival. That is Putin-level corruption! This is the type of shit happens in countries that have “juntas.” This level of corruption is of the type one expects from people who don’t have any “living” political rivals.

I am just so damned sick of the “games” being played. Republicans, get off your asses, and acknowledge that some problems exist here, and then argue that with an election coming, the “problem” should be sorted out through voters, because “instant removal” is too divisive and disrespectful of voters.

I don’t buy that argument for a second, but it is at least an adult-position not rooted in Trump’s seven-year old-like inability to ever admit he’s done anything that wasn’t “perfect.”

“There is no whistleblower.” Pffft.

Okay, I have an idea. I am ready to make a deal, so listen-up, President seven year old. You’re right. There is no “whistleblower.” We will drop it. Tell ya’ what, I’ll do one better. I will say that the “whistleblower” is a guy whose name rhymes with “A rock who’s seen a llama.” Okay? The “whistleblower” is Barrack Obama and he made it all up to get you to release the memo.

Then you did, actually, release the memo.

So, now let’s fcking talk about the evidence we have from the memo and the witnesses, the evidence that appears to show you sold out U.S. policy to attack the guy kicking your ass in every poll. Shall we?

While we’re at it, show us the other memos stored in that super-secret server, the ones from phone calls with Putin and MBS, since we “know” all those calls were “perfect,” too. Hey, fair’s fair. I admitted that Obama is the whistleblower. Give us the transcripts of calls between you and Putin.

I suspect this column is written at a bad time, and yet I’m putting it out there. This man is attempting to up-end not just this “period” of American governance, but American governance generally, which will then threaten democratic governance around the world. Curiously, weakening democratic governance around the world was Putin’s originally stated goal.

I relish the idea of spanking Putin back to where he belongs in a hotel room with Trump pe … never mind. I wish we would just act like a real country, like the United States, the country that put a man on the moon just to flip the Russians off. Instead, we’re a nation that stands around while it’s president kisses the ass of the guy mooning us.

I best quit now, lest I relish …


Peace, y’all,

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom

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7 Comments on "Now, Trump Insists the Whistleblower Actually Doesn’t Even “Exist”"

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Cherl Harrell

Nicely done, Jason! I think we all share your frustration.

p j evans

It’s so much easier to yell about the whistle-blower than to admit that their testimony isn’t actually needed. And that there are at least three direct witnesses to that “perfect” phone call.

(BTW, the post pages don’t seem to be working with the latest version of FF. The cursor says there are links, but it’s impossible to click on them.)


My god, the guy CONFESSED. He is definitely losing it.

Lil Blue Sock

So Trumpy Bear is running a shadow government style “Deep State Department” headed by Rudy the Worm…..

…..all the while still accusing others of the illegal behaviors they themselves are engaged in.

Alfred Higgins

That is commonly referred to as projection.


I know a few folks have said this clearly, but not enough of them: there is a distinct difference between using foreign policy to benefit the country versus to benefit 45 personally. Clearly, 45 thinks he IS the country.

As for waiting for the election: if we had the slightest chance that there would be no foreign interference or messing with voters directly, that might be reasonable. But Republicans cheat. (Yes, I know we do too sometimes–but they’re just shameless.

Alfred Higgins

“But Republicans cheat”, lie, steal, bribe, bully, extort, and deny, if you please! Anyone who argues that these are normal components of Presidential comportment is on the wrong side of American values, as well as being on the wrong side of history.