The gold dust twins of the Trump impeachment defense so far have been Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan, and now it looks like Jordan will eclipse Nunes as the face of Trump’s salvation. Jim Jordan may be moved from Oversight to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. That addition is being contemplated by Kevin McCarthy and since two members of the committee are retiring, Will Hurd and Mike Conaway, and since Devin Nunes just shows up “to b**ch…and then leaves” it may devolve to Jim Jordan to save Donald Trump’s bacon. CBS News:

“Democrats have turned the Intelligence Committee into an impeachment committee,” said the senior Republican aide, who was granted anonymity to discuss internal deliberations. “We are interested in putting together the best team.”

Jordan is viewed by some Republican colleagues as better equipped than Nunes to be the Republican face of the inquiry because of his experience running investigations on the Oversight Committee. He has also been a fiery supporter of the president since the inquiry began, regularly holding press conferences and appearing on television.

Jordan was one of only two Republicans to address reporters on Monday outside the secure hearing room where the closed-door sessions have been held. He spoke after the committees released transcripts of depositions with former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch and former top State Department adviser Michael McKinley, who appeared before lawmakers in October. Asked about Yovanovitch’s claim that she felt “threatened” after Mr. Trump told the Ukrainian president that the ambassador was going to “go through some things,” Jordan said Mr. Trump “can talk with foreign heads of state how he wants.”

“To defend this president, you have to live in his alternative universe,” a Democratic lawmaker who has attended the depositions said. The lawmaker stressed that Nunes has only attended a short portion of each deposition “to b–ch about this and then he leaves.”

Enter Jim Jordan to save the day and become the defense poster child of the third presidential impeachment in history. Frankly, if all that was standing between me and disaster was Jim Jordan, I would never be able to sleep another night, but that’s just me. This much is certain: if anybody lives in Trump’s alternative universe, it is indeed Jordan. At least there’s that.

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5 Comments on "Jim Jordan May Become the Face Of Trump’s Impeachment Defense by Moving To Intelligence Committee"

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Jim Jordan, ridiculous.


Jim Jordan and the rest of the Republicans were meek as lambs behind closed doors according to the transcripts. If there had been anything that helped Putin’s toady they would have been leaking it and then today shouting it to the roof tops.

p j evans

Maybe they can make him wear a jacket as a condition for being allowed into the hearings.

Nick Sullivan

There is much that’s creepy about this guy including his chalky, wraith-like skin. I hear chains rattling whenever I see this joker.
But I hope we see him on national TV trying to take down folks like Vindman, Taylor and Yovanovitch. That will work.


this Tool should be in JAIL for his crimes at Ohio State.
Pelosi has power to Block him from moving to Intelligence Committee.