This is an interesting approach. The House Intelligence Committee wrote a five page, detailed letter to Mick Mulvaney, requesting his presence in a deposition November 8. Most likely, since the administration has instructed other deponents to not show up, Mulvaney will follow suit, and not show up either. However, the intriguing thing is the level of specificity of the letter. Here’s a link to the entire thing,¬†courtesy of Axios.

I can’t copy and paste the letter here, but read it and see how the entire case is set out. The bottom line would seem to be that the Ukraine matter is going to be tried in the court of public opinion — as well it should. So Trump and cabal’s stonewalling only makes them look bad. After all, if there’s no “there” there, then what could possibly be the harm of showing up to testify about all this innocence?

This story will be updated with developments as they become available.

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