If you doubt for one minute that up is down and black is white since Donald Trump took office, perhaps the fact that West Point graduate Mike Pompeo felt the need to ask high school graduate and conspiracy theorist Sean Hannity why Ambassador Marie Yovanovich lost her job will convince you.

Fox News is running the country. Other than that, everything is just swell. Nice temperature outside, birds chirping, Thanksgiving in a few weeks — JFC, how have we sunk to this?

UPDATE: 12:05 p.m. PST Here is a link to Yovanovich’s and McKinley’s testimony.

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8 Comments on "Did You Know Sean Hannity Was Running The State Department? Read Yovanovich’s Transcript. UPDATE"

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I can’t stand much more of this.

Holy Hell, here comes Trump again, a little this and a little that … the whole WH operation, other than the kitchen help and maintenance crews, need to be lined up on the WH lawn … Trump watching from the window of the Oval Office … Mr, Schiff sitting behind a small desk, with his laptop and ring binder note book … First one then then the next answer a quiet question from Schiff, so low Trump cannot hear what the question and answers are …. Mr. Schiff, depending on what the answer is, directs these people to stand in… Read more »