New GJ Documents: Sean Hannity Worked Within Trump 2016 Campaign


As the evening goes on, the revelations keep coming, and this one will ripple out a long way.

An email from Manafort to Kushner, sent just days prior to the November 2016 election, confirms that Manafort was still advising the campaign even though his “Russian-Ukrainian” connections got him fired months earlier. The email also confirms that Manafort “briefed Hannity” on a campaign memo, as a de facto member of the Trump campaign.

So, either the campaign used Hannity as an advisor, or the campaign used Hannity to get messaging out, or both. There is no innocent explanation as to why you would “brief” Hannity on campaign issues. Fox “News” personality Sean Hannity was part of the Trump campaign.

The other part of the email correspondence that is interesting is the reference to Manafort;

“We have to avoid this guy (Manafort), they are going to try and say the Russians worked with Wikileaks to give this victory to us. Paul is a nice guy, but we can’t let word get out he is advising us.”

Because otherwise it would be too obvious that the Russians  did work with WikiLeaks to give you the victory? “They” are going to say things that are actually “true”?

Last, and damn it has been one long night and rest is desperately needed, there is a damned eerie “certainty” to the tone of that email. Remember, this was a few days prior to an election that practically no one thought they were actually going to win. Yet they are talking about the “victory” almost as if it is in the past tense?

I do not want to think about that point, at least not right now, not tonight. Remember that Mueller made clear that he could not make a “criminal case” for collusion, in part, because of all the lying, the deleted material and use of encrypted communication. The “certainty” we hear ringing through the tone of the email might be based upon communications that never made it to the investigators, as it was destroyed, entirely, right away – like the night of the election.

Maybe not. Maybe I am flat paranoid now.

But I just learned that the campaign manager that even the Trump Campaign had to fire because of his Russian-Ukrainian contacts, wasn’t “actually” fired. And I just learned that Trump’s biggest cheerleader on “Fox News” was part of the campaign itself. Right now, I am not sure I am paranoid enough.

I told you all that even though we might really “know” what has been going on, and who is likely really in charge of this country, none of us will really “absorb” what it means until we see it laid out before us, and it is all confirmed.

We don’t have Russian control confirmed, by any means. But we are seeing a very very dark underbelly here. We know that the RNC knew that the emails would be leaked, we know that Manafort (and all the Russian baggage he brought) never truly “left” the campaign, we know that Hannity has been embedded in the campaign from the beginning, and we know they were focusing on “preserving the victory” days before an election. There is one hell of a lot coming together, quickly, and this is just the very first batch of documents.

We also know that Barr fought like hell to keep these documents from coming out.

Hang on to yourselves. Talk things out below.


I did some quick searches first thing this morning, to see who else noticed and whether the significance had set-in yet. It has not.

That isn’t that surprising, these documents just came out. Many political reporters are assigned to impeachment topics, and this one is hard to find, and maybe hard to appreciate at first.

But it is sitting in front of our eyes above. Tim O’Brien is an executive editor at Bloomberg. The significance will start to slowly soak into the body-politic. I guarantee Hannity knows he’s in trouble right now.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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Teresa Travaille-Murphy
Teresa Travaille-Murphy

This is frigging scary. What next? The Donald saying he is innocent?? God bless little kittens and puppies. Grrrrrrr.

I would assume Barr had some control over what documents were released first. So then we could reasonably assume what is yet to come is even more damaging. The hint that they knew they were going to win is the most interesting thing revealed so far. I have always felt Putin had a guarantee of some sort on the election. What is it they say? If you go after the king you better get him with the first shot, or some such. Putin would have assumed that if Clinton won, she would have destroyed him for trying to screw up… Read more »

It is never-ending isn’t it? You start thinking that’s as bad as it can get, but no.

With this crowd it ALWAYS turns out they did something worse.

How can we get this impeachment up and running if they keep revealing AND committing new crimes and corruption?


Easy…set all of it aside for AFTER. No point getting lost in the weeds again…we’ve got a focus and we should stick to it.


Look, folks, I get it. You never expected something like this to happen and now that it has, your imagination is filling in the blanks where the known facts end. That last part, BTW, is the worst thing you can do. Stick to what IS known; paranoia can only be considered healthy in the midst of a firefight. Here, it just clouds your head faster than whatever drugs Trump is mainlining. In fact, look at Trump as the quintessential negative example of what paranoia WILL do to you unchecked.

Nick Sullivan

I also noticed that tone of certainty. I’m the last person to sign on to the ‘stolen election’ riff (apart from the documented voter suppression) but right now the only thing keeping me from rampant paranoia on actual tampering is the fact these GOP hacks couldn’t run a lemonade stand. And absent Comey and the mother of all October surprises, Trump loses.

Cherl Harrell

Good work Jason. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Another thing to watch as the situation progresses.