Many people do not react to the evangelicals with the marvel and amusement that I do — and I get that, they are so far out there over the extreme edge, that it’s easy to simply tune them out. But to anybody with a sense of irony, this is delicious. Here this woman, “Dr.” Paula White, Donald Trump’s “personal pastor” is ranting about Satan and cleansing the White House of evil — completely oblivious to the fact that if she really did that, her 350 lb. false God would be the first to keel over and vaporize. Listen to White tell it in her own words.

“She crazy, she up there in the White House, prayin.’ You better believe I’m prayin.’ …You better believe I’m walking around those parameters saying ‘I lift this up and I dedicate every ounce of this place as holy ground’….

Decreeing the White House holy ground, as in church, is a good one. Oh, well, if one of the immortals from Highlander needs a place to run and hide, it’s nice to know that the White House is on the list of sanctuaries, where you can’t be decapitated. Always important to look at the silver lining in these things. Let’s not even get started on the separation of church and state, because that would bring in the constitution and you don’t want that. This is magical thinking and moonshine time, here.

“I release angels and the Holy Spirit and walls of fire, I burn up every demonic altar in the name of Jesus…

Stand back, Moscow Mitch, there goes your podium! Woooot! If that’s not a demonic altar, when you’re standing at it, I don’t know what is! Damn!

And I call it to crumble

So do I, honey, so do I. We’re just using different terms. Your “demonic altar” is my “Republican majority” but we’re on the same page insofar as it needs to go up in smoke!

And any assignment by any principality, darkness and wickedness, against this nation, against other nations

That nails Putin, right there! Hallelujah!

is coming down in the name of Jesus. Let it all fall down let it be burned in the fire…I erect the altar of God right now, I renounce every demonic spirit

There goes the GOP! Sure you want to do that, Paula?

I renounce every covenant made with Satan

Well, there goes Trump AND the GOP, if that invocation bears fruit!

The clip ends here, perhaps mercifully, but the point is made. What this wingnut woman cannot see, what none of them can, is that they’re rooting for what they call “the enemy,” which by any rational standard is the thrice married casino owning mountebank, Trump, and the other opportunists and charlatans that surround him, and they’re oblivious to it. In my life, I have seen plenty of religious sophistry and denial, usually fear based — and it is here as well, with the wingnuts supporting Trump because of his homophobic and pro-life platform — but nothing touches this. Absolutely nothing.

Point being that what the Trump phenomenon has done to drag down the national discourse and inflame the already existing cultural war in this country, is small potatoes to what it has done to organized religion. New York Times columnist David Leonhardt wrote recently that for the first time in the history of our nation, fewer young people than ever are identifying as Christians. That is because “Christian” has become a toxic buzz word, identified with bigotry and extremism, which is the polar opposite of what Christ actually stood for — but it’s no wonder, is it, listening to the likes of this? It’s common knowledge that it will take a long time, if ever, for the blunders of this administration in domestic and foreign policy to get straightened out. I cannot help but wonder how religion will fare in the post-Trump era, having been dragged so low to this pathetic and bedraggled state.

Here’s the :58 second clip.


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13 Comments on "Who Needs Parody When You’ve Got “Dr.” Paula White Performing Exorcism At The White House?"

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Omg! What the heck! Ridiculous! Grifters descend on the white house in droves!

yaya nana

I guess Jesus is on the side of the Democrats because they did their laying on of hands in the Oval Office before the impeachment vote but it passed anyway. I hope that this religious bullshit backfires to the point that churches lose their tax exemption when the GOP loses. Less than 30% of Americans even identify themselves as Christians in 2019. I am sick of this insane minority shoving their narrow-minded belief system down everyone else’s throat! They want nothing less than Christian Sharia law. We need to get back to a rigid separation of church and state.


This proves the wingnuts don’t believe their own palaver any more then the GOP does. The RWNJs team with the GOP to get their religious caliphate enacted and hasten the end-times and the GOP sucks up to them for votes.
Truly a satanic pact if ever there was one.

Carol O

This woman reminds me of the Red Woman (Melisandre) in GOT, and we knew SHE was full of sh*t. Same with this one. I get tired of these BS spewing, self-righteous bigots acting all holy and sanctified. Did anyone check her going out the door to make sure she didn’t help herself to the silver?