Grand Jury Documents Released, Serious New Questions Arising for RNC and Trump


So, now we understand why A.G. Barr fought so hard to keep the Mueller Grand Jury documents under seal. The review of the trove of documents is still early, as the documents were just released yesterday, and yet the revelations coming out are stunning and could up-end the entire political landscape. I am not exaggerating.

Perhaps we can now explain why it is that Republicans seem to be willing to overlook literally anything to keep Trump from “facing the music.” Perhaps we know now why they are so unwilling to answer whether or not it is acceptable to ask a foreign government to assist in an election. The entire Republican party, or at least the RNC, is implicated:

“Advance knowledge of the timing of the Wikileaks release” means that not only was the Trump campaign conspiring with Julian Assange and Wikileaks – who purportedly received the emails from the Russians, but that the Trump campaign shared the knowledge, or at least shared the timing of something big, with the Republican National Committee. From the RNC, word as to the plan could go anywhere, which is often called a conspiracy.

Anyone recall Mitch McConnell’s threat to Obama when Obama proposed a joint statement, saying that the Russians were attempting to influence the election?

Want more?


Trump was absolutely obsessed with the email hack and release, far more involved that it appears through the Mueller report. The Daily Beast has the best breakdown that I have seen so far, though there is even more on Twitter.

President Donald Trump’s obsession with obtaining emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee’s servers in 2016 was a topic of near-constant conversation at the highest levels of his campaign ….

At times, members of the Trump campaign were so impatient waiting for the potential release of more emails that they floated names of potential staffers who could be tasked with pursuing them personally.

And the big one, the one that leaves me wondering whether Mike Flynn didn’t get left off easy by Mueller, and whether Mueller was controlled all along by the Justice Department, whether Mueller even had the option of presenting the true Russian-Trump campaign angle:

[Michael] Flynn said he could use his intelligence sources to obtain the emails,” investigators wrote after interviewing Rick Gates, a former deputy chair of Trump’s campaign, who said that Flynn “had the most Russia contacts of anyone on the campaign,” and was therefore “in the best position to ask for the emails if they were out there.”

Gates also recalled an instance on the Trump campaign airplane when Trump urged his staffers to “get the emails,” and name checked a veritable who’s who of Trumpworld figures who had expressed an interest in obtaining the emails, ranging from campaign staffers Paul Manafort, Corey Lewandowski, and Sam Clovis to members of Trump’s own family, including Donald Trump, Jr. and Jared Kushner.

Mike Flynn sat at a Russian table with Vladimir Putin. Mike Flynn had been fired by President Obama. No one could have any doubt as to who Flynn was talking about when he referenced his “sources.” The fact that Flynn was so involved in publishing emails to impact an election, emails he knew to be stolen, and – almost surely – knew to have originated in Russia, comes awfully close to treason. What Trump knew? Who really knows.

There is a chance, a chance, that the people around him, Manafort, Bannon, Flynn, and Trump’s kids, knew enough to make sure Trump didn’t “know” too much about the original source. Yes, there is a chance. There are times a president, and a presidential candidate, must be kept in the dark so that others take a fall (if it happens). But we all know how Trump manages. He micro-manages, and it is difficult for me to conceive that they could have this much information, and be spreading the word this far – to the RNC? – and have Trump obsessed with their release, yet not have had Trump pull someone aside and ask about the details as to who got the emails.

I am not comfortable taking too much more away from any of this at this point. But the RNC factor is huge, and people have noticed – as you can tell above. Frum is a Republican. If he is Tweeting about the RNC knowing, and  he is troubled by this, well, there is going to be a lot of explaining that need be done.

Problem is, when? We’re already knee-deep in a clear quid pro quo from Ukraine, and an impeachment to go with it.

We are going to be getting glimpses of his taxes soon …

Now we’re back to dealing with a campaign that knew it had stolen emails about to be released, had passed the knowledge to the party, and likely knew who did the “stealing.”

As we said at the end of August, this isn’t sustainable, and it feels like we’re right on schedule.

There will be many in the Republican party that might suddenly want to pin the entire matter on Trump, lest they themselves start being asked what they knew and when.


Peace, y’all

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I am speechless! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!


Realistically, what is there to say? Did we not suspect at least some of this being true? It just went deeper than we initially thought is all.


I feel like we expected this from Trump and his people, but it has always seemed like the Republican National Committee wasn’t thoroughly complicit in his corruption.


This one strikes me as stuff that WILL be sorted out under the next administration. Yes, it is tempting to go after it now but it’s an excellent way to get lost in the weeds again. So let’s harvest what we can use straightaway and go from there.


Except that the next administration will probably not want to get too mixed up in this.

After all that has happened, the Democrats have shown reluctance to set a precedent of jailing their political opponents.

And if the next administration is Republican, then it is very likely at least benefiting enough to not want to investigate further.

Remember Peter W. Smith? He was the fellow (investment banker, big GOP supporter) who was using Flynn’s name to track down Clinton’s emails during the campaign. The deleted ones. They did know each other. Here’s a bit on him from Wikipedia: There are many more articles on him which describe what he was doing, as well as stories on his suicide. Many conspiracy theories so I won’t link any. He was a big “Troopergate” supporter, so it isn’t surprising he’d be involved with searching for dirt. Reading about Flynn here made me think of him. Not sure what my… Read more »
Markm Mitchell

Another excellent summation, Jason.

Cheryl Lawrence
It looks like about 50 people including the President, AG Barr, McConnell, Flynn, the VP, Jr, Prince conspired in the overthrow of democracy with Malice aforethought. There are 10 republican Senators, rep Nunes, Priebus, Brannon, Kushner, Ivanka, Stone and a host of others. Seems to me that for the next 20 weeks or so there will have to be required reading or have it read on TV. We need a team of prosecutors to get these people in jail while we sort them out. We need them out of government this very minute. I think half should be tried in… Read more »