Roger Stone Set to Go to Trial at Worst Possible Time for Trump, Revelations Could Be Devastating


Roger Stone is set to go to trial starting November 5, which is next Tuesday for the calendar impaired.

Very few people in this country deserve a criminal trial more than Roger Stone. One could think of it almost as a lifetime achievement award in that it is shocking he managed to go this long without having faced criminal charges. Yet, Stone is not charged for his lifelong tricks synonymous with crime, he is charged with obstruction of justice, witness tampering and lying to Congress, all in protecting Trump.

The evidence presented at his trial will touch upon aspects of the Russian investigation, a subject that Trump dearly wishes wouldn’t be brought up again, particularly now. People have largely forgotten about Trump-Russia, and bought into Barr’s “no collusion” summation. The trial, however, may force people to rethink the entire matter. Recall that much of the redacted material from the Mueller report involved Stone’s mischief. From a summation of David Corn’s work on the trial.

“Though the trial will determine whether Stone tried to bamboozle a congressional investigation, it could answer two bigger questions about the president: did Trump use or try to use Stone as a conduit to WikiLeaks, and did Trump lie to Special Counsel Robert Mueller? The former might not be illegal; the latter could be a crime.”

If Trump lied to the OSC, then it will impact every statement made in his defense at the inevitable impeachment trial in the Senate.

But that might be the least of Trump’s worries, because questions about “no collusion” could suddenly rise again:

“If Trump or his senior campaign aides thought Stone was communicating with WikiLeaks — whether or not he actually was — and they were receiving information from him related to WikiLeaks, that would mean they believed then that the Trump campaign had a back-channel contact to WikiLeaks as it participated in the Russian operation. Trump has long shouted there was ‘no collusion,’ but perhaps Trump thought at the time that he and his campaign were colluding. After all, a significant Trump adviser consorting with WikiLeaks at this point could be construed as some sort of collusion.

Why yes, yes it could be construed as collusion. More importantly, it will both prove, and reinforce, that Russia and Wikileaks were intimately involved in the Trump campaign at the exact same time William Barr is running around the world attempting to prove otherwise. It will also remind people that Trump loves it when shady characters of all types involve themselves in shady behavior with respect to our elections, on Trump’s behalf. As David Corn notes:

“This trial of a conniving Trump confidante who specializes in the political dark arts will be a reminder of the original scandal of the Trump Administration that has tainted and undermined his presidency,” Corn and Friedman report, “and it could add another big lie — and a possible crime — to Trump’s long record of wrongdoing.”


Donald Trump faces having his 2016 “dark art” political machinations exposed in the public trial of confidant Roger Stone at the exact same point in time in which the Democrats call the Republicans bluff and go public with open hearings on … dark art political machinations having to do with the 2020 election. If anyone deserves this confluence of bad news more than Roger Stone – and, speaking of criminal lifetime achievement awards – it is Donald Trump.

It appears that both are going to get what they deserve. Though, I will caution all of you, that Stone likely still believes he is better served protecting Trump, who has proven a willingness to pardon people who protect him. So, some of the testimony that would otherwise come out, damning Trump, may be withheld. On the other hand, Stone best be careful about relying on that hole card. The single worst time for Trump to pardon someone as payment for protecting him – a clear abuse of power – would be to do so while undergoing an impeachment process premised upon … abuse of power!

Not that it would stop Trump, but … God, this might be good.

We can only hope.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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Karma, Rog. It’s Karma time. Thank you, Jason.


Fingers crossed!


Hey Trump … see that uniformed big man in the corner over there? He wants you to present your wrists crossed behind your back, if you have trouble understanding what I just said or how to do it, that other marshal beside him will help you with a little demonstration …. (Prosecutor’s aside to DJT after results of trial 1)
NEXT … Mr. Mulvaney, how do you plead?


Jason, at this point, is there a possibility for some sort of deal for stone, or is he considered too much of a liar, and a bad risk? I don’t want him to weasel out of this. I am hoping that at this stage, all of that kind of stuff has been exhausted? I fervently hope so. Thanks, jason.

I welcome this because the real meat of trumps criminality, I believe, lies with his suspected conspiracy with Pew-tin, NOT whether he asked Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden. Not that the Ukraine-Biden connection is of no importance, but that uncovering the Russian hijinks would blow the lid off the impeachment debates and possibly open up a new, more progressive era for our country. This is tied up with my feelings about the disastrous Mueller report, discussed in another comments section. If the orange idiot had a backdoor agreement with his Russian best bro, it needs to be dissected… Read more »
Annar Key

A pardon eliminates 5th amendment rights. He can be called into Confress and MUST, by law, tell tne truth. One lie and the pardon is null and void and he can be prosecuted. Odious Orange ain’t fonna take the chance. Byebye Roger……..


“Very few people in this country deserve a criminal trial more than Roger Stone.”

Donald Trump?