White House lawn ornament and fake-cow litigant Devin Nunes dazzled listeners once again Thursday, with yet another glorious leap of imagination combined with rhetoric, when he called out the personality cult of Adam Schiff and let one and all present know that he, Devin Nunes, was onto the conspiracy. What conspiracy, you ask? Why, ours, the Democratic party’s, the media’s, and most of all the House Intelligence Committee’s — of which Nunes is the ranking member, so he oughtta know, right?

“The media are the cult followers and they [Democrats] have the unconditional cooperation of the media to advance their preprosterous [sic] narrative.” Now, who ratted us about about the cult and the conspiracy, huh? It wasn’t me. I was busy making the kool-aid.

Now, normally this would have been absurd on it’s face, but for the presence of California Congresswoman Jackie Speier who knows something about cults, having been shot by Jim Jones’ followers on the airstrip in Guyana.

Now, you’ve got to give Devin Nunes credit for one thing. He has managed to make Gym Jordan look good. That is no easy task, but Nunes managed to achieve it today. Expect more of the same, because Nunes and Jordan are Trump’s main defenders as the impeachment train roars towards destiny. And who knows, maybe Rudy Giuliani will come out of hiding and get back on TV? That’s the only thing that could make this even more of a farce.

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11 Comments on "Devin Nunes Calls Out Dems For Personality ‘Cult’ of Adam Schiff"

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I hate him so much. Sorry to be childish, but he is such a monumental a$$hole.


Jackie Speier should have ended with this: “I suggest Mr. Nunes look in the mirror.”

p j evans

The Rs project more than a 24-screen multi-cinema.


“Nunes and Jordan are Trump’s main defenders”

The ‘best’ people. Riiight.


”Now, who ratted us about about the cult and the conspiracy, huh?”
I blame QAnon…