The back story is that a lot of RWNJs love Tulsi Gabbard and are hoping that she will run as a third party candidate, thereby bleeding votes off of the Democratic candidate, whomever s/he may be. Tulsi is seen as thinking like “one of them” and her impassioned Hillary-bashing really got her a lot of points. Therefore, imagine what a disappointment it was when Tulsi voted yes on the impeachment resolution Thursday morning — but not to worry, Ann Coulter was there to save Tulsi’s bacon.

There are a lot of morans with a national platform. and Ann Coulter is one of them. Sweet Jesus, what an election this is going to be, with this level of disinformation and idiocy. And we haven’t even had the first primary yet.


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2 Comments on "Ann Coulter Goes To Bat For ‘Senator’ Tulsi Gabbard aye aye aye……"

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p j evans

What a lot of fail in her tweet (and the first reply to it).

Ann Coulter’s shtick has pretty much run it’s course with conservatives. Her entertainment act has become boring and she has generally become inconsequential on the right. Blunders like this won’t help, either. As for Tulsi, you are off base on how conservatives perceive her. There is NOBODY on the right that believes she “thinks like them”. There is NOBODY on the right that would vote for her for dogcatcher. The appeal for conservatives is that her relative sanity makes the rest of the Democrat field look like the far left ideologues that they are. She is exposing them. Gabbard has… Read more »