Mad Magazine may have gone out of business, but be of good cheer, we have Matt Gaetz, (FL-1-R) to keep us rolling on the floor. Who needs satire and cartoons when you’ve got the real thing, and in Congress no less? As to the matter at hand, near as I can make out, Donald Trump had the transcript of the “perfect” telephone call edited, so as to remove incriminating parts, Vindman noted the omissions and attempted to get them restored — and now Adam Schiff is somehow a so and so because he has repeated these facts. How Gaetz gets an ethics breach on Schiff’s part from this, you’ll have to ask him, my mental apparatus isn’t fractured and fragmented enough to even speculate on his “thought process.” His last stunt didn’t go over so well, but apparently the only one who is oblivious to that fact is him.

Here’s my favorite.

Ah, there isn’t going to be an armistice in the cultural war anytime soon, I’m afraid. Not on these facts.

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17 Comments on "Matt Gaetz Files Ethics Complaint Against Adam Schiff — No, Not The Onion, This Is Real"

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I just woke up from a nap, and this is what I get?

Mike Paris

Tony P…I hope you have a strong letter to follow. I agree with you 100%.These jerks (and he is one of the lead jerks) deserve no quarter,

Alright, a little quiz, Nunes and Gaetz, even look a little similar, but surely, there must be some saving grace for one or the other of them ….hmnnn …. but then … otherwise …. hmnn …. NOPE, not one tiny little grain of sand’s worth there … I guess they both need to go out with all the rest of the trash with Trump …. There seems to be a need for a number of states to start looking for options, NOW ….! 🙂 Moscow Mitch must be swearing little ditties to his own massive screw ups, Judge Garland, beer… Read more »

Russian assets don’t speak with an accent. Gaetz is one as is Nunes. I stand by that even though I don’t have evidence. Otherwise why the hell are they doing what they’re doing? Also Moscow Mitch and so many others. Whether witting, unwitting or damned useful idiots.

p j evans

Gaetz seems to be a useful idiot. Nunes and Moscow Mitch know what they’re doing.


He’s an idiot but I don’t know how useful.

p j evans

He can distract from stuff that’s actually more important.

Nancy M Parker

Is there really a move to disbar Gaetz? Not that it would impact him while in Congress, but…


Matt Gaetz is an Idiot , what does he actually do ? He acts like a child, who the hell voted for this imbecile ? Please take him back to Florida !