Trump Says People Who Don’t Support Him Are “Human Scum”


I am not going to analyze or belabor the point here. What I am going to do is set it out, so that our readers remain informed as to the devastation Trump unleashes upon our body politic. Whatever else is happening, until Trump is out of office, by law, he is president of all of us. Keep that in mind while pondering his statement:

In Trump’s eyes, there are two types of people, those who support him without question (since he demands “loyalty” above all else), and those without redeeming value, the “human scum” of the earth.

For those of us who have ever wondered how it is that dictators like Saddam Hussein, or Mohammed Bin Salam, or Assad, or Putin, or Stalin, or Hitler, can grab power with absolute totality, and kill any citizen not “loyal” to power, this is how it happens.

I ask a serious question, very serious:

Do you think, that if Trump believed he could do it without consequences to himself, if he believed it would help him personally, would Trump order protestors, witnesses, or journalists to be shot, be executed?

I ponder that. It is unlikely that someone brought up within the American system could order groups of Americans killed (at least in large numbers). But if any American in power could or would consider it, it is Trump, and a few of his henchmen. I do believe that Trump would order certain individuals to be “knocked off” if he believed that doing so would preserve Trump’s hold on power.

That is scary.

Anyone who finds that statement to be irresponsible hyperbole need to just look at the above tweet, sent out to the world as his own words, that anyone – Republican, Democrat, American, foreigner – anyone not “loyal” to Trump, is ‘Human scum.” Human scum is beneath humanity, it deserves to be scrubbed.

I don’t see how it could be different. To any Trump supporter here, sit back and consider your reaction to President Obama tweeting out that people who don’t support him are “Human scum.” And no “whatabouds,” don’t tell us what Obama did you don’t like. Tell us your reaction to being called “human scum” by Obama. He didn’t do anything even close to what Trump is doing. But Trump “owns the libs” and “doesn’t take any shit” and “doesn’t have time for PC,” so it’s all okay, since those are the priorities.

Unbelievable. Trump  and his hard core supporters, would, in another world, be fine with police action involving executions. We all know it, including his supporters.

They just like it.

Anyone who doesn’t believe me can just read some of my emails.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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p j evans

It isn’t just Himself – though he’s an extreme example. “Conservatives” everywhere – really, reactionaries – see themselves as the Only True Rulers and everyone else as scum who should kneel and be silent before them.


Well said!. The ruler autocracy in full form. Could be they are pond detriment no matter how crystal clear the waters are above them…Some could argue so…

Wonder if this may includes Honorable Lindsay Graham and those 2 other ones listed as suspect whom I can’t remember just now…

Lil Blue Sock

If opposing a traitorous criminal makes me “human scum” then it is a label I will proudly wear.


I’ll wear it just as Norway’s king wore the Star of David in solidarity with his Jewish subjects against the Nazis.


I’ve been SCREAMING this since June, 2015.

It’s the exact reason I can honestly say that trump is Not My President. He tells me he’s not every time he tweets or speaks.

More and more people are beginning to come to terms with the fact that THIS CANNOT BE OUR NORMAL. This is America. It cannot continue.

dana fairfield

If the opinion of the Trump lawyer, William Consovoy, who argued today that a president is above the law were accepted by the court, Trump would have no more restraint.

It is hard to believe that a Trump lawyer made that argument again after it was struck down just a couple weeks ago.


I do believe he would order people murdered. His lawyers are right now saying he could murder someone, and that he is above the law. It can’t be any clearer to me.

I realize that this prospect is frightening for you, Jason. Me, it’s the kind of terror I grew up with. Violence was always threatened, sometimes carried out. The people around my family turned a blind eye or made excuses. A social worker told my mother that if we stayed long enough, either she, me, my bio-father or some combo thereof would not make it out of there alive. The words and targets have changed. The game has remained the same. And so has the threatening party. Donald John Trump is just my bio-father with less money and no jail record.… Read more »

When you mentioned the dotard killing people he calls scum, I have no doubt that he would if he could.

The idea of THAT happening in America, the Beautiful is so far-fetched that…..
Wait a minute! That’s exactly what is happening to POC.


Every goddamn day…which is why I’m considerably less hysterical than some on this stuff. Right now, we can’t pretend that couldn’t happen here.


Yes, I’d call it genocide and it shorts out my brain circuits every time I think of it.

And it is only a tweet away from him expanding his focus to include a few more scummy groups.


And I say to Mr. Tangerine Man: “Bring it, bitch. You’re not getting us all.”


The edit button seems to be malfunctioning. I tried to edit a second after I had posted, it says “Sorry it is no longer possible to edit this comment.”


Human Scum and proud of it!
We should get T-shirts (or hats) made.


‘Deplorables’ is such a mild epithet compared to ‘human scum’

I suppose it’s like tan suits and bare arms.


I watched the video of Trump being booed at the World Series game & I was wondering if Trump would kill everybody who booed him. Scary thought. Trump is a stupid and vicious man & that is a very dangerous combination