Trump Shocker! “We” (Russia?) Have Taken Control of Mid-East Oil


Those of you who have been with me a while will note that I have said on many occasions that Putin wants to be in the Middle East in order to control oil distribution. I have also pointed out that Trump has referenced that we should have “taken their oil” when addressing the Iraq war, and Trump stated during a talk at the CIA headquarters that perhaps we would get another shot at “taking their oil” in the future. Last, we have been saying for two weeks that the pullback out of Syria opened the door for a Russian foothold into the Middle East. We here have been on top of this the entire time.

Today, we have an even better indication as to the motives and direction of all things intertwined with Russia and the Middle East. Yes, it is about oil, and yes it is about Russia.

Trump made an jolting statement today, one that is tearing the net apart at the seams.

“We’ve taken control of the oil in the Middle East, the oil that we’re talking about, the oil that everybody was worried about. We have the U.S. control of that,” Trump said, minutes after concluding a talk with the first two women astronauts to participate in an all-women spacewalk.

Trump went on to claim “there are no shots being fired, and a lot of people are doing a lot of things,” despite the supposed “ceasefire” that lasted less than 24 hours.

Clearly, Trump is linking “taking control of the oil” with the ceasefire and situation in Syria, and not the situation with Saudi Arabia. So what the hell is he talking about?

Remember, according to many experts, it was Putin who “won” the Turkey-Syria showdown. Putin’s troops now control U.S. bases in the region. We have an excellent theory, coming from a well-versed Twitter user who goes by the handle of “Poly Sigh,” who I have read for a long time. This person is clearly an insider. In this instance, Trump use of “we” can best be explained as a reference to Russia.


And going back further:

Is that “proof” that Trump used “we” in reference to his Russian allies who now control Russian oil?

No, not quite. But, we have more context than just the above tweets, we have Trump’s history with Russia, we have otherwise-inexplicable moves in Syria, we have past quotes about “taking their oil,” and we have Putin diving right in to take control of the oil rich Kurdish territory.

The fact that this is even a possibility, the chance that Trump did this to benefit Putin’s “Chef” who is tied to the Internet Research Agency, the bots that bought the 2016 election for Trump, the fact that it’s not just possible but nearing likely, is as big an outrage as I can conceive.

Those pictures of dead babies we referenced last week? Those children might well have died in order to grant wealthy Russians the ability to “take control” of the oil fields in Kurdish controlled territories. The kids might have died to enrich Trump and friends.

Anyone who disagrees should be asked to explain what else Trump might have been referencing in “taking control of the oil” with respect to his Syrian pullback.

We knew it all along.


Peace, y’all

Jason and on Twitter @MiciakZoom


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While I agree that this was always the goal, Jason, I seriously question Russia’s ability to actually pull it off any better than we ever did. I don’t care if you’re talking Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia or Iran…put people on the ground in any of those spots and you’ve suddenly inherited a slew of headaches no amount of firepower is ever going to quell.


W.T.A.F. I have been sick about this betrayal of the Kurds. Now I’m just so f’ing angry I can’t see straight.

I agree that this goal may be one all parties to it will regret. However, there is likely a far bigger agenda than merely this part of Syria and its oil, headaches or not. For a very insightful take on it, I’d recommend reading Rachel Maddow’s new book, Blowout: corrupted democracy, rogue state Russia, and the richest, most destructive industry on earth. Further, one more: Professor Timothy Snyder’s new book, The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, and America. Not always great to conflate seemingly disparate stuff, but in this case, well, it’s a good idea to do so: by which… Read more »