The X-Factor for 2020 Democrats.


You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

I’m going to go for broke here, and say something that at first blush will make me look like a bloomin’ idiot. But by the time you’ve finished reading the article, you’ll be nodding your head and saying to yourself, Yeah, yeah. I can see what he’s talking about. And the man’s a bloomin’ idiot! But hell. at least I tried, right?

Right now there are two particular things that the network media pundits, as well as the other flotsam and jetsam of alleged political intelligentsia are wailing and gnashing their teeth over on an almost hourly basis. But I’d like to weigh in on them, because once again I feel that the yammering skulls in mannequin clothes are being, as usual, complete ninnies.

The first thing that these clods are contracting the vapors over, and desperately looking around for a fainting couch to catch them, is money. They’re all keening like a bunch of banshees about how behind the 8 ball the Democrats are, because Trump already has $100 million in cash on hand for 2020. If that’s true, then it’s the first time that His Lowness has actually seen $100 million in actual cool green since Christ was a carpenter. And even if it is true, so freakin’ what?!?

Look, the Beatles nailed it when they screeched out Money can’t buy you love! It can buy you dinner and a movie, it can buy you sex, it can buy you an attorney and settle a palimony suit, and it can buy you an ulcer over all of that, but it can’t buy you love. Which is tragic, because with his personality, money is the only tool with which Trump can try to attain love, The man is a toadstool in an Armani suit.

Love isn’t the only thing that money can’t buy. It can’t buy you personal opinions either. If you live in Chicago, as I did for more than 40 years, money can buy you a vote, but if you’re trying to buy 20 million of them, $5 a pop ain’t gonna get you very far. We can be had, but hell, we ain’t that cheap. And with the national opinion of The $1 Store Caligula being what it is right now, $100 million would probably buy him about 100 votes.

The role of money is changing in politics, and not for the better for the Shelly Adelsons and Koch brother(s) of the world. Fewer and fewer people watch network TV, or listen to AM and FM radio, and when they do, political ads are what remote controls and preset channel buttons were made for. They don’t read newspapers as much, billboards don’t even register in their eyes, and with the advent of e-mail and online billing, nobody even checks their mailbox anymore. The most popular medium for advertising these days is electronic and social media, and that can be produced in house, and is cheaper than all of the others. Trump can spend a billion dollars on the 2020 campaign, but whatever lipstick he puts on himself he can’t make people vote for that particular pig. No amount of advertising on any medium is going to change a single mind once their opinion of Trump is baked in, and the oven timer on peoples’ opinion of Trump just pinged.

The second thing that the nattering nabobs are falling all over each other to sign up for electroshock therapy treatments for is the vulnerability of Democratic House incumbents in swing districts over impeachment. Part of this is due to the previous widespread reporting that Speaker Nancy Pelosi had held back in impeaching Trump for fear of endangering these members, and thereby her majority. There’s only one problem with this mass media hysteria.

Dear Lord, it’s not like this is the first time that these candidates have been confronted with the specter of Trump in their districts!  One year ago today, in October of 2018, Donald Trump was already shit on the heel of the national shoe, and these Democrats found a way to deal with it. And the way that most of them dealt with it was to avoid the subject of Trump like the bowl of tuna salad accidentally left on the buffet table overnight.

Why in the hell should 2020 be any different for them? In 2018, they ran on change, they ran on more pay for teachers, lower prescription drug costs, lower healthcare costs and a host of other issues. These issues didn’t come with a stale date, and they’re still here! In 2020, they run on the fact that they passed legislation to give teachers higher salaries, they passed legislation to lower prescription and healthcare costs, and to get guns off of the streets and out of the hands of criminals. If Trump was that far down their anxiety list in 2018, he ain’t any higher now. And if pressed on impeachment, they make the moral call and say they’re for it, because more people in their district are against Trump now than they were in 2018, and I can prove it.

In 2018, the year of the Democratic House tsunami, a record number of GOP House incumbents said goombye and crawled out of their office windows to escape. As it stands right now, 2020 is on pace to surpass 2018 in terms of GOP incumbent departures. And these are incumbents who survived the deluge of 2018! People do not walk away from high paying part time gigs with Cadillac benefits for no good reason. If they’re leaving, it’s because they’re reading the tea leaves, and seeing the last act of King Lear. And if Trump wasn’t enough to save the incumbents in those vulnerable districts in 2018, he sure as hell isn’t going to be enough to elect a bunch of mouth foaming Trumpkins into those seats in 2020, trust me on that.

Ah, I can already hear it in my ears, the dulcet tones of The man is a bloomin’ idiot! But at least I took a whack at it, and you have to admit, my delusions are well thought out and richly textured. Keep those cards and letters coming, and write if you find work, I may need another job soon.

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Carol O
No, Murf, you’re on target, as usual. I too get so damned sick of hearing the ‘suits’ falling all over themselves to downgrade, insult, and run down Dems. Even on MSNBC, which one would think would be more free from that BS, still has their Brian Williams/Chris Mathews repug lite contingent, mewling defeatist tripe in our ears. If they can get a jab in there, they do it. I think the citizenry at large (not counting magats in this group) has had their eyes opened to the wholesale corruption, greed, and self-dealing of this maladministration, if they weren’t already on… Read more »

You are quite right. He is an idiot, but it appears very strongly that he’s Putin’s idiot.
The fact that he is such an idiot, no matter whose he is, might be the only thing saving the country.
Imagine the damage he could have done already, if any competence he had, hadn’t been blunted by so much ineptitude.