Mitch McConnell penning a scathing op/ed, excoriating Donald Trump’s abysmal blundering in the Middle East, and analyzing how it really shakes out, is not an event that you will see every day, so mark these words carefully. Of course, McConnell starts out his piece with the de rigueur slam at Obama, but after that ritual is dispensed with, here’s what he has to say about the doings of the Moran in Chief. Washington Post:

The combination of a U.S. pullback and the escalating Turkish-Kurdish hostilities is creating a strategic nightmare for our country. Even if the five-day cease-fire announced Thursday holds, events of the past week have set back the United States’ campaign against the Islamic State and other terrorists. Unless halted, our retreat will invite the brutal Assad regime in Syria and its Iranian backers to expand their influence. And we are ignoring Russia’s efforts to leverage its increasingly dominant position in Syria to amass power and influence throughout the Middle East and beyond.

Predictably, our adversaries seem to be relishing these developments. The resulting geopolitical chain reaction appears to have been perfectly distilled by an online video which, according to reports, shows a smiling Russian “journalist” strolling around a just-abandoned U.S. military base in northern Syria. A strategic calamity neatly captured in one Facebook post.

As we seek to pick up the pieces, we must remain guided by our national interests and not emotions. While Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s offensive into northeastern Syria is misguided, is it really the case that the United States would prefer that Russian, Syrian and Iranian forces control the region rather than Turkey, our NATO ally?

Well, you tell us, Mitch. All that we hear from El Naranja Idiota is how our NATO allies are a bunch of deadbeats and we’re paying their freight. So, could it be that’s not really how it is, and that NATO actually is of the value that the civilized world has deemed it to be since the end of WWII? Apparently so, because McConnell goes on to say how we must “move Turkey away from Russia and back into the NATO fold.”

To keep pressure on Islamic State terrorists, deter Iranian aggression and buy our local partners more leverage to negotiate with Bashar al-Assad to end the underlying conflict, we should retain a limited military presence in Syria and maintain our presence in Iraq and elsewhere in the region. We must also work closely with allies threatened by this chaos, such as Israel and Jordan, and redouble international efforts to pressure the Assad regime. And Congress must finally pass the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act to hold the regime accountable for its atrocities.

Finally, whatever happens in Syria, this situation must chasten the United States against withdrawing from Afghanistan before the job is done. We must recommit to our Afghan partners as they do the heavy lifting to defend their country and their freedoms from al-Qaeda and the Taliban.

As neo-isolationism rears its head on both the left and the right, we can expect to hear more talk of “endless wars.” But rhetoric cannot change the fact that wars do not just end; wars are won or lost.

America’s wars will be “endless” only if America refuses to win them.

Refreshing to see some actual foreign policy articulated by the party in power, because God knows it’s not going to come from the lips of it’s clueless standard bearer. All he knows is to spin the abandonment of the Kurds as a “great day for humanity” and hope that his television lawyers and the talking heads on Fox will find some way to make all of this sound like a good idea and spin it as a PR victory that he can take to the polls. The reality of the situation, the deaths and destruction, impinge on him not. He’s just looking to save his own ass.

Trump’s usual defense mechanisms are failing and badly. Usually, he just blusters through his scandals du jour, like the original “Teflon Don” John Gotti (who did end up in the house of many doors, wearing an orange jumpsuit, so that should give Trump pause.) Being Teflon and staying Teflon indefinitely appear to be two different propositions.

Plus, Mulaney’s “get over it” clap back didn’t seem to kick in with just the amount of force and fervor to be wished. All that did, in fact, was pour gasoline on the fire, not extinguish it.

It may very well be, that with the Ukraine scandal blowing up, the catastrophic maneuvering in Syria, and relatively small irritations like the the G-7 being booked at Trump Doral, and Trump being exposed as a liar, once again, for saying he didn’t know Parnas or Fruman, and throwing yet another personal lawyer to the wolves, that the impeachment pot well may have gone from simmering to inescapably boiling. One thing is for certain — it’s still on the stove and the kitchen isn’t getting any cooler. Irregardless of the damage control that everyone in Trumpworld is scurrying to do, McConnell included, serious damage has been done. McConnell’s op/ed might be the first real effort to strategize a post-Trump Republican party, and articulate it’s worldview. We always knew Trump has a shelf date with the GOP and McConnell may just be moving it up a bit.

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9 Comments on "Moscow Mitch Incinerates Trump’s Syrian ‘Strategic Nightmare’ In WaPo Op/Ed"

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Gerald Boyette

Trump did not act “impulsively” or because he “doesn’t understand the Middle East”. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s following orders.


I’m 100% in agreement with you. It’s been clear for quite a while Trump is owned by Putin. I just hope Trump’s out before he brutalizes any other group of people or puts them at risk or gives us over in some way to Putin.

p j evans

Moscow Mitch’s op-ed would be worth a lot more if he didn’t spend all his work time protecting that orange POS.


Might be a signal, P J, that he’s hit his limit on that or damn close.


McConnell needs to grow a pair. But, he gets what he deserves, for kissing trump’s ass for three years.