The best Democratic 2020 campaign poster ever.


As we all well know, the closer we get to an election, the more omnipresent campaign posters and billboards become. And the best posters and billboards use universally recognized images, and use snappy slogans to make an original and catchy poster. With that in  mind, I think that I’ve created the master Democratic Presidential campaign poster for 2020.


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Now, if we can just get someone to print LARGE, easy to read posters from a distance we have it made …. an old sign painter formula … 1 inch high letters can be read at 30 feet so make then in multiples of 1″=30 foot for every inch in height so at 300 foot away we would need 10 inch high letters the FREEWAY BLOGGER probably knows that … (an old friend of ours) … Good design Murf, flushing this quagmire down the sewer lines would be a good result, probably contaminate the treatment plants though …. You are… Read more »
Lone Wolf



Not sure this is the analogy we want tied to the Dems.
When I first saw it, I thought it implied that a Dem vote in 2020 was flushing your vote down the toilet.

dana fairfield

I don’t know why someone downrated you. An effective poster needs to communicate its message instantly. I too had to spend a moment thinking about it. I kinda expected that at least “press” would be spelled “pres” but that design change did not seem quite right either.

rory darjiit

I was also drinking during the debate, mostly out of boredom. We went with Negronis. Not sure why, it’s an unusual cocktail for us but it seemed appropriate.