Thank You, Ambassador Yovanovitch!


Just one voice. Singing in the darkness. All it takes is one voice   Barry Manilow   One Voice

There’s a reason why our system of counting starts where it does. Because so many things in life just seem to start with one. All it took was one concerned intelligence official, alarmed by what he heard from others, to uncork the bottle with the Trump Ukraine genie inside of it. And today, it took a lone, scorned US Ambassador to Ukraine, telling Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to stick it where the sun don’t shine, to increase the pressure.

Her boss, the Secretary of State, as well as his boss, the President of the United States, told Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch last night that she was not to appear before the House committees investigating Trump’s phone call this morning. Yovanovitch is still a State Department employee, although for how much longer is unclear. And in response to the SoS’s obstruction order, the committee chairs served Ambassador Yovanovitch with a subpoena to appear. And that was that. No fooling around, no protracted court battles, Ambassador Yovanovitch , flanked with her own lawyers, and not some SoS monkey in a shiny suit, spent 9 hours testifying in front of congress, and blasted another hole below the waterline of the SS Trumptanic.

All it takes is one. That’s the funny thing about a wall of solidarity, it only works if there’s solidarity. And when a whole section of that wall spends 9 hours talking her head off to congress, what happens to the rest of the wall? Well maybe this? It was reported today that faced with a subpoena of his own, EU Ambassador Sondland is prepared to testify to congress next week. And now, former adviser on Russia and the Ukraine, Fiona Hill, already a willing prospective witness, has even less reason to follow the White House instructions and siddown and shaddup! All it takes is one.

This isn’t just obstruction, there’s a very good reason why the State Department and the White House were up on their hind legs to keep these people quiet. Yovanocitch was in position, and actively engaged during The Ghoul Man’s early efforts to extort President Zelinsky, and she was buying none of it. Ambassador Sondland is up to his pipik with Ghouliani, as well as dealing directly with other diplomats who were hesitant about the way this strategy was proceeding. And Fiona Hill was still in the white House was in the process of incubating this strategy Who knows what she heard?

This is the nightmare scenario, not only for the White House, but especially for the GOP Senate. Up until now, the GOP has been desperately wrapping itself in the tattered caftan of a partisan Democratic witch hunt! That’s largely because the Democrats are the ones bringing forward the information, and the identity of the whistle blowers are, and hopefully will continue to remain, secret. But when Trump appointees start coming forward, as they appear to be now, and testify to congress, and support and buttress what the whistle blower complaint said, and what Trump’s phone call summary confirms, the support for impeachment and removal is only going to grow in public polling. And the higher that support grows, the harder it becomes for GOP Senators, especially vulnerable GOP Senators, to continue to support Trump.

Jesus, this is so just like Watergate, and yet so completely unlike it! In Watergate, public support for impeachment was at 15% when the first gavel banged down, and didn’t top the 50% mark until after the release of the “smoking gun” tapes, two weeks prior to Nixon’s resignation. Dear Lord, the Democrats haven’t even started drafting articles of impeachment yet, and already a FOX News poll has them cresting 50%. And who knows? It may just be that a petite, middle age, career foreign service diplomat will play the part of John Dean in this iteration of Watergate, and hammer the first nail into the lid of the Trump coffin. A;; it takes is one.

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Had to look up the word “pipik”. I’m going to start using it on a regular basis. Love it.

That aside, you are right in the comparisons and contrasts to Watergate. However, I would like to point out that Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch significantly differs from John Dean. She was never part of the cover up.

Bravo to Ambassador Yovanovitch for her courage, clarity of conscience and strength of will, and for leading others to do their part in speaking truth to undeserved power.
Thank you, Murfster!

Gerald Boyette

There are still patriotic Americans in the Home of the Brave.


A paraphrase of Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V For Vendetta (source material for the movie and a very, very different story that was one part The Abominable Dr. Phibes, one part Phantom of The Opera and one part John Le Carre-style political thriller): it does not do to rely on silent majorities. One loud noise and the silence is gone. Our masters have not heard the people’s voices in generations and they are far louder than they remember.

You can say much the same about the GOP right now.


Thank you for standing up to this criminal administration!

dana fairfield

I am glad they subpoenaed her. It is against the law to ignore a subpoena and it is against the la to obey an illegal order, even if it comes from the president. so what is with all those guys ignoring subpoenas because Trump told them to? Eventually, it will not end well for them, and “I was following orders” won’t cut the mustard.

Theodore Gould Jr

I served 30 years in the United States Air Force and I would like to thank you for your service and dedication to this great Nation and Country. This To Shall Pass and God is rewarding you.