I wish that there was a nice way to say this, but there is not. When we were told in 2016 that Trump was unfit to be president, and when he quickly and consistently proved the point, we needed to be more specific as to the definition of “unfit”.

He is unfit because he is selfish, hypocritical and indecent…indecent as a human being. Being president requires having to solve difficult, complicated questions. I can’t possibly imagine how “difficult” it must have been for Donald Trump to decide which was more important… increase revenues at Trump Istanbul or facilitate the slaughter of tens of thousands brave Kurdish Soldiers, who are our allies. Apparently after his discussions with his Istanbul Tower’s accountants and of course Erdogan, the decision was not too difficult.

It’s not as if he had not already made bloody blunders like this before by exposing Ukrainian soldiers to harm…or by causing the death and suffering of innocent asylum-seeking children. And it is not as if he does not have access to professional expertise who could have and would have advised him how to make the correct decisions. He just does not care.

His combination of pure greed and complete ignorance guarantees that he will continue to err on this side of indecency. And if it is not greed, then it must be the nature of the BLACKMAIL information that Erdogan and Putin hold over his head. It must be so overwhelming that our ignorant, Coward in Chief is willing to ruin the world… while his GOP accomplices enable the worst foreign policy decision since the Gulf of Tonkin. Thousands of people will die, national security will be jeopardized… and all because he continually allows himself to be manipulated by the leaders of countries who do not have our best interests at heart. The lies that he proposes as a defense of his action are more sickening and ridiculous then the lies he rolls out in defense of his impeachment. His “Normandy” defense sounds like he is parroting the words of Erdogan…incorrectly.

His entire adult life is replete with examples of these negative traits… beginning with his phony bone spur, cowardly avoidance of the military draft for Vietnam. He should have been impeached long ago, when he denigrated the reputation of John McCain, a true American, Viet Nam hero… a man who had more courage and integrity in his little finger than Trump ever showed in his entire lifetime.

More people will die, and more shame will happen to our country’s reputation until he is removed. The polls are starting to show that the country is finally recognizing the need for his impeachment, and in many respects,  this is showing is happening because the American people are also recognizing that this Syrian decision is a Trumpian created human massacre.

 Trump has a serious mental defect. He is incapable of putting his own personal interest in second place. It is always him first, the country, the world or anything else second. And he will stop at nothing to get his way or justify his mistakes…which he will never admit. When will the Republicans wake up? I hope not too late for the brave Kurdish people.

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4 Comments on "From Denigrating John McCain to Massacring Kurds, Trump’s Unfitness Mushrooms"

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This decision of his is like so many of his other decisions. This one is the bloodiest of them.
I’m terrified for the Kurds. I’m ashamed for this country. And there is now reporting that ISIS has breached some of the prisons in northern Syria. Which means more ISIS fighters are free. This endangers our national security in more ways than that, however. Who will trust the U.S. in the future? It will take years to repair and rebuild alliances.
I’m heartsick at what has been happening.
Thank you, Mike.


America as a country of moral leadership, and positive influence on the world?

Gone, for years, if not decades.

Dimwit Donny’s only legacy.

elna benoit

It speaks volumes about the sTrumpettes that they are such poor judges of character. The president is supposed to be a good role model – not a poster boy for sexual predation and financial, political and moral corruption.