WaPo: FOUR NSA Officials Reported Trump Call, and Rudy Headed to Vienna With Pals?


Breaking on MSNBC, two stories, one huge, and one highly weird.

The Washington Post reports that four national security officials raised concerns with the White House counsel’s office about Trump’s Ukrainian phone call at the time of the phone call itself, including before the call had even been placed! With what we are seeing within the diplomatic community’s texts, and what we’re hearing had been going on with Rudy and his henchmen for near a year, it is obvious that this call had been circled on many calendars in the White House. Fears must have been confirmed upon hearing the call, or reading the summary. If four took such drastic action, imagine the “thoughts” of those who sat by, fearfully.

The fact that four national security officials expressed concern at the time provides some validation as to the call, but we knew the general substance, if not the specifics, for a while. The real importance in knowing these officials came forward is what it says about just how aberrant, just how corrupt, beyond the pale, unique, illegal, and dispiriting the call had to be, a gut punch to those who believed “we” in the U.S. were better than that. I imagine that the White House Counsel doesn’t often get “legal questions” or complaints about a president’s phone call. For four to come in, well, it just shows … this might have been the “perfectly corrupt” call.

It also shows just how strongly the White House covered up the issue, and the lengths that the Justice Department would go to in order to suppress an investigation. The White House and DOJ knew it had a red-hot problem on its hands, immediately, and yet both moved forward minimizing, and obstructing.

I still want to know more. I still doubt that we have anything like a “transcript.” I want to see the actual transcript. Perhaps there is even more.

Meanwhile, it’s been four hours since Rudy made news, and I see now on HuffPost a headline (but no article, yet) stating that Rudy was scheduled to be on the flight out of the country last night with the two handsome fellas that were his “clients” in the Ukrainian matter. The threesome was headed to Vienna, to catch the opera, I am sure. Crazy kids.

Odd, is it not, that Rudy would be headed out with the two of them, when the two had “one-way” tickets, purchased with cash, that day? Is it possible that Rudy heard of the impending arrest, leaked it to them, and believed that the two wouldn’t be arrested if he accompanied them? Is there another reason that Rudy would be on a spur of the moment trip with no return date, paid for with cash? Yes, there are other reasons, lots of them, but not all that many that make a ton of sense. I do want to hear the real explanation.

What a day.


Peace, y’all


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p j evans

I’d heard that Rudy was supposed to fly to Vienna today. (Maybe to make sure that his buddies got out of Austria without being noticed.)


So…I guess you could call Rudy The Third Man (bonus points if you got that reference)?


The Orson Wells film, right?


Correct…and it was set in post-WWII Vienna.


I thought I read somewhere else that Rudy was scheduled to fly to Vienna the day after his two henchmen. Not sure that changes your thoughts much, except I would view it as even MORE suspicious that they didn’t plan to fly together. Am I misremembering that detail?

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

Dag, Jason, just reading all this shit wears me out. I can’t imagine having to research and write it all! Sheeeze…maybe we’ll all get a break this weekend!