Ukraine and Syria Are the Lid to the Entire Trump-Russia Sewer of Corruption


We see the beginning of the outline forming, like the emergence of a tree through thick fog in the morning. We’re seeing the prism of corruption through a triangle, connecting Middle East influence through Syria (And possible Saudi influence), Ukraine, and Putin. Rudy Giuliani operates as the “shadow” secretary of state, using dark arts best left to a John LeCarre novel. When House Democrats reference the “Ukrainian” matter with respect to impeachment, they’re being coy. They are actually lifting the lid to the sewer of corruption, all of it, that runs throughout the Trump administration.

Of course, it all begins and ends with Putin, who is almost surely controlling all the shots, including ordering American troops out of Syria. Putin met with Erdogan and  Rouhani in September, and the three surely came to an agreement. 

From the Kremilin’s Russian site, we learn that Putin, Erdogan and Rouhani called this shot in Syria a month ago, by way of Annieli over at the mothership, this is official Russian doctrine.:

Naturally, the situation in the northeast of Syria is a source of concern. Problems of security in this area and other parts of Syria should be resolved based exclusively on preserving its sovereignty and territorial integrity. We consider it unacceptable to divide Syria into spheres of influence.

And Putin answering a question:

Question: With due consideration for the US presence in Syria, I would also like to ask how you assess the US presence on Syrian territory?

Vladimir Putin: Regarding the presence of the US Armed Forces, it is common knowledge that their presence on Syrian territory is illegal. And we hope that the decision to withdraw US service personnel from Syria, made by President of the United States Donald Trump will be implemented completely.

Going against the entire Republican-military establishment in withdrawing from Syria? Tough nuts, Republicans, this wasn’t Trump’s call. The boss decided. Imagine our sympathy for you? We do sympathize with American allies, the Kurds, but not you enablers. You’re in bed with Trump, Putin and now have ISIS on your hands.

The “boss,” Putin, is tied to Ukraine, obviously. Every time you hear “Ukraine,” Rudy, the Trumps and a various assortment of Republicans, think “Corrupt Ukraine,” and “Putin-sphere of influence-Ukraine.” Two “Soviet Born” American citizens, (possibly Ukrainian-born, pro-Russian operatives, clearly under Putin’s influence) were arrested this morning for funneling foreign money – “corrupt Ukraine,” into Trump’s PAC, Rudy’s pockets, and “Congressman-1.”

One of the two arrested this morning had been scheduled to testify to a Congressional committee lawyer today. The other, tomorrow. They had documents under subpoena due October 16th. Both were arrested as they attempted to flea the country last night. These were American citizens, fleeing America. Right now, I cannot find information on their destination, it is safe to say it wasn’t Toronto.

Know this, the sewer lid is being lifted, and the rats are fleeing. The Republicans – the Republicans not wrapped in Russian money themselves  – are just starting to see how little ultimate power they have over Trump. Ask Lindsey Graham. When push came to shove with respect to our Middle Eastern policy and fighting ISIS – for fsake – ISIS and Putin won out over Republicans and the U.S. military. They have been under Putin’s control all along.

Meanwhile, Putin sees the lid lifting, and knows that time may be of the essence. He met with Erdogan in the above referenced meeting on September 16th, after the whistleblower complaint had broken into the news. That is why he needed the United States “out” when he did. No more time. Same with the “Clear Skies” treaty with NATO, and splitting NATO with Turkey, weakening the institution.

It has always been a corrupt sewer. This administration has always been backpedaling, worried that Russian power over the White House would be exposed. It is the one constant throughout the administration. Never mind the administration, Trump’s entire “life” may be on the line in keeping this matter under wraps.

We are just starting to see the underpinnings, the dark, stanched, pipeline of money, secrets and power. It will be worse than we suspected. It is quite possible that Putin has had total control over the administration all along, that we had the ultimate “Manchurian candidate,” the LeCarre novel come to life. It is the worst possible scenario, and though we hope to be ultimately somewhat relieved that the corruption was limited, we best brace ourselves.

Daylight is as necessary as it is ugly.


Peace, y’all

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I’ve always thought there is something terribly obvious going on in Trump’s mismanagement, if we follow all that dark money, actually listen to the desperation in the voices we are harped by … L.Graham, the biggest question being WTF, what was your trigger, the secret meetings in Russia? What caused your manic comments? What has bounced you back to semi-reason on validity of foreign country invitation by DJT to again mess with our elections …? L.Graham … loose canon 2 mouthpiece for whom? Putin is the ONE constant in all this, from Trump’s own brood, (Russia seems to love golf… Read more »
Denis Elliott
It all goes back to sanctions relief. Yes, splitting up NATO has been a long cherished goal of Putin’s but practically speaking he only had power to keep it from growing and he sure as hell didn’t want Ukraine becoming part of the alliance, hence his fuckery there. What he didn’t count on was the severity of the reaction to his actions invading Crimea & eastern Ukraine which has crippled his country even more as the U.S. led an international bank of sanctions against not just Russia but so many of its oligarchs that Putin relies on. Erogan’s power grab… Read more »

I’ve always wondered, in Putin’s case anyway, do the sanctions hurt his money system directly, or does it inflame the citizens to the point of pitchforks and torches, maybe some of both …?


Jason, about this:

” that we had the ultimate “Manchurian candidate,” the LeCarre novel come to life.”

The novel, “The Manchurian Candidate,” was written by Richard Condon. Condon was an American-born and raised novelist (whose first career was working as a Hollywood publicist) and the novel itself was a work of *political* intrigue. John LeCarré is a British author whose works were spy novels (fitting as he’d spent quite a bit of his early professional life with Britain’s military intelligence and then with MI5 and MI6).


The day the story of Biden and his son came out I thought the same as the author…deflect as only trumpet and minions can but the more the try to deflect the more their backs are being pushed to the wall. Nothing about trump and his enablers surprises me anymore