UPDATED: Stunning Arrest of Two Giuliani Clients Working on Ukraine Dirt, Associated with POTUS


Hazy details are emerging on what could be a critical arrest. Two “Soviet-born” (Ukrainian-Russian) American residents, Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas, Rudy Giuliani clients heavily enmeshed in the Ukrainian-Biden dirt scandal, were arrested last night as they attempted to leave the country.

According to Mark Sumner over at the mothership:

The Wall Street Journalreports that Igor Fruman and Lev Parnas gave $325,000 to the Trump-centric America First Action PAC, funneling the money through an LLC. Both men now own businesses headquartered in Florida, but have apparently been under investigation for some time by the Manhattan U.S. attorney. They are expected in federal court on Thursday afternoon.

In addition to working with Giuliani on manufacturing dirt about Biden, Fruman and Parnas met directly with Trump in 2018 and also with Donald Trump Jr., who headed the America First Action PAC at the time.

Everything about these two men screams “Russian intelligence assets,” Putin’s men on the ground in the United States. The arrest of these two men poses a massive risk to Trump, as both men are highly dangerous, likely possessing evidence that would seal Trump’s fate.

MSNBC states that one of the two men was supposed to give a deposition to House investigators today, the other next week. Both declined to give testimony, and were headed out of the country last night when arrested by SDNY FBI agents.

UPDATED** The indictment ties the two to a “Congressman-1” in their attempt to buy influence. Could “Congressman-1” be Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy? Reaching the highest levels of the Republican party?


This bears watching. I don’t know the underlying basis or anywhere near the entire story, but this is very very big. All things impeachment appear to go through Rudy Giuliani, who seems to be acting as a shadow “secretary of state,” or “dark diplomacy,” throughout the administration. Both are also closely linked to Donald Trump Jr.

SDNY has announced a 2:00 p.m. Eastern time press conference to discuss the charges. Do not expect a lot of details.

UPDATE: I have no idea what this means, I suppose we’ll have to ask Rudy:


Here ya’ go, Zoomers, and don’t say I never gave you anything:



Peace, y’all


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Cherl Harrell

Best news I’ve heard in a few days. Here’s hoping more truth comes out.


You are on a roll today, Jason! This is indeed big news. Rudy is also going to be in big trouble, methinks. Next thing you know, tRump is going to say he didn’t know him well.


Yes! Thank you jason!

p j evans

They aren’t lawyers, and they were fleeing the country, so that “legal team” claim is obvious BS. Rudy is headed for disbarring, with that kind of shit.
(The indictment was sealed, and parts are blacked out. We don’t know when it was handed down.)


I hadn’t seen the info about Kevin McCarthy, but there is reporting that the charges are about campaign finance violations — they funneled money through an LLC to a tRump PAC — as well as bribery. There is a “Congressman-1” noted in the indictments. That is reported to be former Texas Republican Representative Pete Sessions. He was involved with getting the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine recalled. Time for Rudy to have his passport taken away from him!


Thanks so much for dollowing all this and staying on top with such great writing. The stuff is flying at Trumpworld like it hot some Scottish windmills. 😁


Outstanding stuff, I’m SO jealous!!! Actually, I’m betting more on either Jim Jordan or Mark Meadows to be “Congressman-1,” since both of them have been much more vocal and virulent Trump supporters than McCarthy, who has his position to consider…


I agree, there is not anyone that ticks me off more than that idiot in the blue shirt with yellow-gold tie, seemingly, unable to find his sport jacket … constantly interjects stupid charges on behalf of the orange tinted boso in the WH, along with Nunes, they make the kernel of Republican resistance in our House belittling our House Committee Chairmen and tearing down witness’s statements with tedious, stupid questions and blustering, self promotions ….

Alfred Higgins

That would be “golden showers tie”, if you please!


It’s former Rep. Pete Sessions from Texas.