If we’re stuck with Trump, let’s at least use him wisely.


I’ll take a cold German over a hot wise guy any time   Mona the Hooker   The Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight

And stuck with him we are. Thanks to a vodka swilling pig in Moscow, a bunch of lazy, picky Democrats, and 77,000 brainless twits, we have a third rate poltroon with a bad spray tan befouling the White House. But if we must have this noxious pox on the body politic of our country, the least we can do is to use it to develop a vaccine for future generations.

Since the first day of the burgeoning Trump-Ukraine scandal, I have been begging the Democrats to K.I.S.S. This is an easy to understand, self explaining scandal, a guaranteed high crime and misdemeanor with a signed confession from the defendant. Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be,, and for God’s sake, don’t touch it with a 10′ Mueller stick!

But that doesn’t mean that the Democrats should drop all of the other investigations, nor bail out on the pending court cases, oh no, far from it. The Democrats have been saying since day one that they are capable of walking and chewing gum at the same time, and the moment is here to put up or shut up. Just keep them on separate tracks.

The DOJ has already submitted to the court that they will start turning over FBI form 302’s from the Mueller investigation, and the grand jury transcripts are likely soon to follow. Outstanding! A federal appellate court in DC is fast tracking the latest spanking Trump took in federal court on his ability to be investigated. Muy Bueno! New cases brought to court will be expedited due to the ongoing impeachment inquiry, and the older cases are ripening to the point where you’ll be able to use them to make banana bread soon. The legal challenges are coming to a head.

If Donald Trump has a saving grace, it’s the fact that he is, as Rex Tillerson once so succinctly put it, “A fucking moron!” Every President tries to “push the envelope to see how far he can extend his presidential authority. But Trump hasn’t pushed the envelope, he’s torn it to bits, and then run it through the shredder. And he has done so in such a manifestly incompetent way that he has made it virtually impossible for any court, anywhere to rule in his favor, even the Supreme Court. It’s reached the point where even Trump judicial appointees are ridiculing his attorneys and the DOJ on the way out the door.

It’s too late to stop Trump and his obstructionist tactics, that horse left the barn six furlongs ago. But it is critical that each and every one of these cases against Trump for his obstruction and imperial overreach weave their way through the courts to an eventual conclusion, through the Supreme Court if necessary. Because it sets a legal fucking precedent, that’s why!

Look, there will be another Trump down the road, you and I both know it. Maybe not as over-the-top flamboyant as Trump, but there will be another one. A future president will get his ass in a legal sling over some moral, ethical, or political misdeed, and will want to do everything in his or her power to get out of it. But thanks to the incredible legal imbecility of His Lowness, they won’t be able to use the courts to accomplish it. Because Trump was so arrogant and stupid in his overreach, courts are going to rule that the White House must hand over documents in response to House subpoenas, and witnesses are compelled to testify or give depositions under House subpoena, the Treasury Department must turn over Presidential or cabinet tax returns when requested by law, and all the rest of it. For no better reason that Donald Juan Trump, Pestquire is a fucking moron!

Look, we’ve all heard the old phrase I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy, and Donald Trump brings new poignancy and meaning to that phrase. But the Democratic led House is already doing the legwork, and if they just have the tenacity to see it through, then no future generation will ever have to go through this shit again. We’re already on this rough road, let’s at least make sure that the next bunch of weary travelers at least have a paved interstate to travel on.

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Ursula Faw

Great piece, Murf. One of your best.