Enter Bolton, Stage Left. Quietly Insert Shiv And Twist.


I’m seriously considering referring to myself as a “marsupial” from now on. True, I may not have an actual “pouch,” but my stomach sure looks like there’s a small kangaroo hiding out in there   Murfster35

Oh, snap! For all of you people who worried that the literary world collapsed with the passing of William Shakespeare, fear not! The next great “Bard,” John Bolton, has grabbed a pencil, brushed up on Hooked on Phonics, and is ready to step into the fray.

Axios is reporting that Bolton has signed on with the high powered literary agent team at Latimer and Urbahn to negotiate a deal for his White House memoirs. If you’ve never heard of Latimer and Urbahn, don’t feel bad, neither had I, but Axios points out that they’re the ones who got departed FBI Director James Comey a seven figure pact for his attempt at print immortality.

Lawrence O’Donnell at MSNBC has been predicting this since the day that Bolton left the White House, and for good reason. Bolton hadn’t even finished unpacking the shit from his cardboard box when he left the George W Bush White House before he was busy churning out a poison pen memoir, that was, let’s just say, less than complimentary towards most of the people he worked with in the White House.

Axios is reporting that in off the record comments, senior White House officials are concerned at this development. Well gee, ya think? Even without the Bush memoir, Bolton has long had the reputation of a cantankerous, petty, vindictive man with a long memory and a sharp tongue. Remind anybody of a particular Cardin clad orange blob currently plopped down behind the Roosevelt desk in the Oval Office? In publicly dispatching Bolton with such scorn and disdain, Trump all but ensured that Bolton would take his revenge, and in spades.

But who cares what a chickenshit neo-con hawk like John Bolton says anyway, right? Wrong-o. Bolton clashed repeatedly with Trump over foreign policy decisions that are still pertinent today. He virulently opposed Trump’s relationship with North Korea, correctly assessing that Kim would never voluntarily give up his nuclear weapons. Bolton was furious when Trump called off the retaliatory strike against Iran over the downed US drone, certain that it showed weakness, and Bolton threw an uber hissy fit over Glorious Bleater’s plan to host the Taliban at Camp David three days before the 9/11 anniversary. And that’s just the shit that people know about.

But the potential damage isn’t contained to Trump himself. It is reported that Bolton repeatedly clashed long and loud with both Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, as well as Treasury Secretary Steven Munchkin. Pompeo is currently embroiled in the Ukraine phone call scandal, and Munchkin is under severe heat for obstructing the release of Trump’s tax returns. And considering Bolton’s nature, I seriously doubt that he has much truck for a sniveling little weasel like Mick Mulvaney either. Bolton’s closet is larger than Meryl Streep’s, and I have no doubt that it is crammed full of Trump cabal skeletons.

Now, I have never even met a literary agent, but I am a publisher, having self published two books on Amazon, so I know all about that stuff. If a publisher is going to give John Bolton a seven figure payday, then you can damn well bet that they’re counting on at least a eight figure payday of their own. And the secret to that will be timing. When will interest in Donald Trump be at its zenith? Right before the 2020 election, of course. Therefore, I am predicting that when the deal is made public, the publication date for the book will be in mid to late September of 2020. If revenge is a dish best served cold, then I’m betting that John Bolton is writing this puppy in a shack at Ice Station Zebra.

Now personally, I have absolutely no intention of reading one word of Bolton’s bitter tripe. My disdain for the man is well known, and I wouldn’t give a wooden nickel for his opinion on anything. But once again The Mango Messiah has bitten off far more than he can chew, and it will be tres amusing to watch him choke on it, no?

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This might be very interesting.😉


Ha! I bought Comey’s book just to raise sales and piss off His Orangeness. I tried to read it but it was so full of sanctimonious piousness, I had to stop. Might do the same with Bolton: buy the book to piss off the Rs, but never read it.

p j evans

I might buy them when they’re like 1.99 as ebooks. (Wolff’s might be interesting.)


All the crud muffins who leave the tRump White House will either end up behind bars or writing a book. Some will probably do both. I might read about those books, but I’ll never spend a nickel toward purchasing any of them. And life is too short to spend much time actually reading their self-serving memoirs.
Thank you, Murfster!