Breaking: Trump’s Ukraine phone call wasn’t secret. Or spontaneous.


In  brand new bombshell reporting, the Washington Post is reporting that in the hours before, as well as immediately after, at least four different national security officials called the White House lawyer, through official channels, to express shock and alarm about Trump’s attempt to strong arm the President of Ukraine to barter non-existent dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden in return for almost $400 million in US military aid.

If this reporting is accurate, then this literally nails the lid on the Trump coffin being slammed down. For days now, you’ve had mental midgets like Marco Rubio skulking around, telling the media that Trump was just being Trump, and that he was saying outrageous shit just to twist the media’s tail. If the reporting is true, then there were at least two different national security personnel who had advance knowledge of what Trump was going to say in that phone call. There was nothing spontaneous about the content.

The important thing to remember here is that these contacts made to the White House through official channels took place long before the whistle blower was even aware of the content of Trump’s call. It also means that the content of the call was known to a much larger number of people than originally thought, and makes it all but certain that the removal of the phone call log and transcript from the normal server on which it was stored, and moved to a maximum security server, was an obvious attempt to keep it from discovery as evidence of the illegality of the call, and the number of people aware of it, grew.

This story is still evolving, and I’ll update this article as needed, but this is already quite enough to chew on for a while.

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It just gets better as I see it but horribly worse for the Kurds now facing cruel deaths in Syria, maybe trump’s head on a pike on the WH lawn would finally get his attention, NOT, but a cartoon of the terrorists that hate his guts are loose in the world because of trump and plotting a suicide attack on DJT just because they can and Trump’s lazy concern for details, anything is possible with the terrorists over 10,000 strong, released because the Kurds are being killed by Turkey and soon Russia of course … WOW, if I was Trump’s… Read more »
rory darjiit

Thanks…this story is starting to get complex, and your write ups help keep this insanity straight.