Why Trump’s tactic won’t work this time.


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink   Old Adage

If there’s one thing you can say about Donald Juan Trump, it’s that he’s a creature of habit. No matter what the event, nor how much luck was involved, if Trump gets a favorable outcome, his massive narcissism immediately leads him to the conclusion that it was his tactical brilliance that made it possible. And in Trump’s fevered brain, it immediately becomes an incontrovertible fact that he can replicate the result by doing the same damn thing again, no matter the current circumstances.

We already know this to be true. In 2016, a once-in-a-lifetime confluence of events, a political “perfect storm” if you will, propelled Trump to the White House. An electorate sick of politics, a historically unpopular Democratic candidate, whom I supported, and selectively targeted Russian interference let His Lowness roll across the finish line like an out of control beer barrel. Which, in Trump’s mind, made him the most brilliant political strategist since Disraeli.

Trumpenstein has already trumpeted to the skies that his reelection campaign will be the same as his first one. Forget the fact that both the public and social media are ow more aware of, and watchful for Russian interference. Forget the fact that the Democrats 2020 candidate will not be carrying the sane negative baggage that Clinton did. Forget the fact that Trump is no longer a cute and offbeat “candidate,” he’s now a known entity, with three years of total, abject failure in the public eye. As long as he bashes minorities, makes extravagant promises, and slings enough mud at his opponent, he’s a shoo in. Because, what could go wrong, right?

And now, on a different matter, Trump is about to repeat the same tactic, but with even less chance of success than his reelection scam. For 22 months, Trump successfully fended off both the Democrats and Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia investigation. He did this with a two pronged approach, obstruction and delay, and de-legitimization. And Trump is already making it clear that he is going to use the same, exact tactics in dealing with the Ukraine scandal that he did with the Russia scandal Except it won’t work.

On obstruction and delay, it worked like a charm for Russia. With Mueller and the Democrats, Trump and the administration stonewalled every request for documents and interviews, and when compelled by subpoena, simply fought the subpoenas in court, actually dragging out the subpoena process beyond the actual life span of the investigation. And the Democrats were perfect hosts, never threatening or executing “inherent contempt” votes, and blithely following the GOP into court like spring lambs behind the Judas Ewe. Why not do it again?

Because there are different Democrats at the helm this time, and with no tolerance for bullshit. These are empowered Democrats, un-tethered by speaker Pelosi, with a popular cause celebre in their hands, and the wind in their sails. And they have made it abundantly clear that not only is “inherent contempt” a real possibility but they aren’t getting clogged up in the court system until they reach Medicare age either, obstruction will be seen as compelling evidence of obstruction of congress, a free standing article of impeachment. Every time.This impeachment will go forward on their timeline, and under their rules, not Trump’s.

In the Russia scandal, Trump’s most effective weapon was de-legitimization. It didn’t matter what the circumstance, testimony, or evidence was, it was de-legitimized. Everything was tainted by toxic Democratic politics, and bad faith actors. Everything that was discovered was tainted by “conflicted Mueller and his 13 angry Democrats!” Everything that was documented was FAKE NEWS!, spread by angry Democrats pissed at losing to Trump. No matter what the evidence was, it couldn’t be trusted because the source itself was illegitimate. Trump is already trying this on the Ukraine scandal, by throwing shit all over the whistle blower. And it’s only going to get worse.

There is just one simple problem with de-legitimization. The old adage, You cannot take by force that which is freely given. In order to de-legitimize something, people have to at least be willing to believe that the source was illegitimate. That was easy to do with the Russia scandal. It was too complicated, with reference to too many arcane concepts, and too much of it was kept secret for too long. People were willing to believe that it was bullshit, simply because it was too complicated, took too long, and people were sick of it.

.That isn’t happening here, nor is it likely to. The concept of the Ukraine scandal is easy to understand, and from the start it has happened right out in the open. everybody understands extortion, and the original whistle blower complaint was legitimized by both the IG Inspector General, as well as the acting Director of National Intelligence. Not only that, but it was done in public, and on the record, in their own words.Trying to convince people that something they can see with their own eyes is bullshit is a much stiffer climb, especially without an arch nemesis like Skeletor to blame it on. And now a second whistle blower has come forward to back up the contentions of the first one.

But the real nail in the coffin was Trump’s, and Trump’s cross alone to bear. Of all of the things that His Lowness has steadfastly refused to provide to the Democrats and the public, the one thing that he did decide to turn over, the phone log of his call with the President of the Ukraine, is the one that most definitely never should have seen the light of day, Because that lousy document was total and complete corroboration of everything that the original whistle blower claimed in their complaint. Everything that has come after is nothing more than window dressing. This is why public approval for the impeachment inquiry keeps growing from week to week, as more new information comes out.

So, Trump is insistent on using the same tactics that he used against the Democrats and Robert Mueller against the Democrats and Jerry Nadler once again. But the outcome will certainly not be the same this time around. Trump is virtually certain to face multiple articles of impeachment voted on and approved by the House. Will he be convicted in the Senate? Likely not, but who knows if Trump won’t swoop in at the last minute to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. But one thing is for sure. When you look in the future at the history books of the United States, you’ll see;

Donald John Trump  45th President * **    *=elected with Russian interference  **=ass saved from impeachment and removal from office by traitorous GOP Senate

And I can live wih that. Mainly because, I think that this whole Ukraine inspired impeachment process is just the precursor to what will happen when Trump tries to rerun the miracle of 2016 in 2020 with the same damn playbook. And if I’m right? Hell, I can live with that result too.

To know the future, look to the past. before the insanity of the 2020 election, relive the insanity of the 2016 GOP primary campaign, and the general election, to see how we got to where we are. Copies of  President Evil, and the sequel, President Evil II, A Clodwork Orange  are available as e-books on Amazon, at the links above. Catch up before the upcoming release of the third book in the trilogy, President Evil III: All The Presidents Fen

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Markm Mitchell

Treasonous (sic) Republican Party.


Hi, murf, i just want to tell you that i have been reading everything you have written. Sorry i havent been commenting much. You are doing an excellent job, so, thank you. Cmae.😚😚


I was getting concerned, Cmae. I’m glad to see you here, even if only briefly!


Thank you, I am having some health problems. I will try to pop in more.😊


I’m sorry to hear about the health problems, however it truly is great to see you here whenever you can make it. Please take care of yourself.


You too! This week is looking up, in some ways.

Carol O
It’s looking like the slander against Biden is having some impact per recent polls, if not directly, because people don’t actually believe the BS, but maybe just wanting to steer clear of the potential ‘messiness’ fabricated by tRump. But does anyone think the same won’t be done to whichever Dem next rises to the top? Bernie probably won’t be in the running for much longer due to his health and now family issues, but tRump already nicknamed and slandered Warren. He’ll just keep at it with all the Dems, using slander, lies, name calling etc to undermine his opponents. That… Read more »

That’s why they throw so much mud. Some of it is bound to stick.