Matt Drudge is a power broker in the right wing media world. He has been characterized as the “de facto assignment editor of the conservative media” and Mediaite writer John Ziegler says, “He’s one of the dominoes that would have to fall for the right wing media to allow Trump to be removed from office.” Clear space on the table, folks, because that domino is looking pretty wobbly. CNN:

Not only is Drudge’s website aggressively covering the impeachment news, it is doing so by featuring commentary from some of the president’s fiercest critics or the harshest criticism of him.
For instance, on Friday the top link on the Drudge Report, colored in red, was a link to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano calling Trump’s behavior “criminal and impeachable.”
Other links Drudge featured that day included Fox host Shepard Smith suggesting Trump may have violated the law on live television and “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd saying the current scandal is a “national nightmare.”
Rush Limbaugh appears to be taking a guarded stance.
In late August, Limbaugh told a caller in that he’s repeatedly been asked about the matter. “My email inbox every day, ‘What’s happening to Drudge, Rush?'” Limbaugh said. “And I tell people, ‘Have you ever heard of clicks?'”
After suggesting Drudge could be turning on Trump for web traffic, Limbaugh said, “I actually don’t know,” adding that as a “professional courtesy” he doesn’t “ask him.”
Limbaugh might not be asking, because Limbaugh already knows the answer. Both Limbaugh and Drudge have been at it this for a while. They were there, as icons for the right, before Donald Trump came on the scene and they will be there after Donald Trump leaves. Drudge is already hedging his bets and the defection of Fox News has been well documented. Trump has rage-tweeted at Fox, saying things like, “Remember who got you there.”
Like Captain Renault in the movie “Casablanca,” both Drudge and Limbaugh are going to go which way the wind blows. The prevailing winds seem to be blowing towards impeachment right now. Look for more cracks in the right wing media edifice as this storm continues. These people intend to stay in business, and if they can find a way to do so, find a new hero to carry the banner for the right, and be rid of Donald Trump, they will. At the end of the day, it’s not about loyalty to Trump, it never has been: it’s about clicks and cash registers.
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P J Evans

Am I misremembering, or weren’t they whole-hearted supporters of Clinton’s impeachment?


You’re remembering correctly…and if THEY’RE bailing, it means the unity amongst my blood enemies is far more degraded than the doomsayers would have us believe.


Matt Drudge is not a canary in Trump’s coal mine, he is more like a loud siren warning of approaching enemy bombers.

John Sheehan

Squeak, squeak, squeak…pass the cheese, and ready the lifeboats.